OperaHouse Released “My Bewitching Perfume” for Nintendo Switch

by Vehura
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It’s all because of the perfume I made…


Note: Nikushoku danshi means “carnivore man.” It refers to a man who is traditionally “masculine,” flirty, sexually driven, very confident, ect. Soushoku danshi is the opposite, a “herbivore man.” These men are gentle, refined, respectful, ect.

“Even though he’s so disinterested in love, for just a moment it’s like he’s been enchanted. It’s all because of the perfume I made…”

He’s a handsome soushoku danshi who’s had a bad experience in love that he’s never been able to tell anyone. However, he suddenly turns into a nikushoku danshi!?

The perfume I made has a dangerously seductive fragrance. Before we realize it, it’s caused him to abandon all reason…

Love Interests

♥Teppei Shidou
An oresama nikushoku danshi who is passionate
Serious and a little shy

♥Takeru Hiruma
A pushy nikushoku danshi who loves to tease
A cool guy of few words, but he’s actually quite kind

♥Rei Kirishima
A charming nikushoku danshi who likes to indulge women
A devilish kind of guy

♥Naomi Kanoura
A nikushoku danshi who is an elegant gentleman
He’s cool but only nice around me

Game: Princess Closet
Release Date: July 1,2020
System: Nintendo Switch™ / Download Only
Price: $19.99(US) , €19.99 (EUR), £17.98 (UK)
Text Language: English, Français, Deutsch
Audio: Japanese
Shop Page (US): https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/my-bewitching-perfume-switch/
Shop Page (UK): https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/My-Bewitching-Perfume-1803156.html
Shop Page (DE): https://www.nintendo.de/Spiele/Nintendo-Switch-Download-Software/Hilfe-mein-Parfum-macht-meinen-Freund-verruckt–1803156.html
Shop Page (FR): https://www.nintendo.fr/Jeux/Jeux-a-telecharger-sur-Nintendo-Switch/Amour-transcendant-Le-parfum-Love-Charm–1803156.html

Links on Otome Obsessed

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  • Walkthrough (coming soon)

1 comment

CY January 10, 2022 - 2:07 pm

Hi there, am wondering if you made any progress with this game? Frustratingly, I’m not even able to get one super happy end, so was wondering if anyone else had T.T Thank you!

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