Mystic Messenger – Another Story – Day 3 Chats

by Vehura

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00:31 – Under the Shimmering

Character(s): Zen, V
Note: Zen calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Call(s): Zen


Selection 1
I wanted to chill out more and then go to sleep. (Nothing)
I was waiting to meet you, Zen. (Zen)

Selection 2
I think your biorhythm will break living like that. (Nothing)
That beautiful are sleepy heads..? (Zen)

Selection 3
God, finally we’ll have some peace and silence.
Wow, you’re even humble! Such perfection! (Zen)
I actually want to see V’s photos! (V)

Selection 4
Zen, riding your bike under the moonlight… (Zen)
Are you in a motorcycle gang? (Nothing)
I wonder how Jumin will look riding the bike!

Selection 5
That’s the thing, you can never find your driver’s license when needed. (Nothing)
Share with me some photos of your driver’s license, if you have some. (Nothing)

Selection 6
Both are so perfect. How am I to choose!? (Zen)
It’s the same thing. Just do it.
Wow! It’s you when you were younger! (Nothing)

Selection 7
You’re here to see me!! (Nothing)
I want to chat with everyone together. (V)

Selection 8
Aren’t motorcycles dangerous? (Nothing)
Zen. you had an accident? (Nothing)

Selection 9
When you’re feeling frustrated and all, playing games are the best! 0% accidents! (Nothing)
You feel free as a bird when you ride with the wind.
What if something dangerous happens to you? (V)

Selection 10
Tell me what happened back then. (Nothing)
How exactly did the crash occur? (Nothing)

Selection 11
It would have been serious if V didn’t follow you. (V)
V, you’re quite persistent. (Nothing)

Selection 12
Trying to deny it by myself is too hard. I need some help here. (Nothing)
V, you should take photos of me someday as well. (V)

Selection 13
Zen, what were you like back in the days? (Nothing)
Flowers? V, were you Zen’s fan? (V)

Selection 14
Life is about rebounding back when you were considering quitting lol (Nothing)
You still look promising. (Nothing)
Maybe you’re in a slump?

Selection 15
Do something that brightens your mood! (Nothing)
Forget about everything and let time pass by.
I lie low for a while. (Nothing)

Selection 16
V, do you normally clock in such late hours? (Nothing)
You seem to be coming in at late hours… Are you okay? (V)

Selection 17
Have you ever heard of alcohol-related dementia?
V, you go well with wine! (Nothing)
Zen, I hope you get to shoot a beer commercial. (Zen)

Selection 18
Good bye! (Nothing)
Don’t drink too much! (V)

Selection 19
I’m like that as well. (V)
You have a lot to worry about. (Nothing)

Selection 20
I’m going to stay up late. (Nothing)
I think I should get going now. (Nothing)

02:46 – Paradox of the Survival of the Fittest

Character(s): Ray
Note: Ray calls after this chat
Outgoing Calls (suggested, not confirmed): 707


Selection 1
I was testing the game you gave me. (Ray)
Ray, why aren’t you sleeping? (Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
You seem to have a lot of work to do. (Nothing)
We connected as I wanted to see you as well!

Selection 2
If you have something to say, come over yourself. (Nothing)
There’s the modern convenience called the phone. (Nothing)

Selection 3
Wonder why it grew two stalks. (Nothing)
Then it’ll bloom twice as much flowers! (Nothing)

Selection 4
I feel sad for the weaker stalk… (Ray)
Wouldn’t it be because only one had sunlight and the other had none? (Nothing)
It could be that one of it is like an extra giveaway, since it grew into two from one stalk.

Selection 5
I want to save the weaker stalk somehow.
There’s nothing you can do, it’s nature’s way of survival of the fittest. (Nothing)

Selection 6
Throw it out and buy a new pot.
You’re right. The weaker stalk was the one that sacrificed! (Ray)
Rescue both. (Nothing)
But for flowers to blossom, the weaker one should be stripped.

Selection 7
Wow…I’ll look forward to it, Ray! (Nothing)
It’ll be a flower gained from the other’s sacrifice…. (Nothing)

Selection 8
It was fun. With hidden morals and all…. (Ray)
Yawn. I think the game you made is more interesting. (Nothing)

Selection 9
Ray, when are you going to sleep? (Nothing)
Are you going back to work? (Nothing)

07:00 – Take Care of Your Health

Character(s): 707, Jumin, Jaehee
Note: Jaehee calls after this chat
Outgoing (suggested, not confirmed): V


Selection 1
Change your glasses into sunglasses lol (Nothing)
Why don’t you lower the brightness? (Nothing)

Selection 2
I’ll get ready to write it down! (707)
Huh. The name’s even suspicious for a start. (Nothing)

Selection 3
Isn’t that just a bunch of powders and not a drink? (Nothing)
Can I taste it? (Nothing)

Selection 4
Reports to police right now☆ (Nothing)
It’s not like the stakes are some kinds of market free-giveaways…. (Nothing)

Selection 5
A match of outstanding product quality!! (707)
Send in an ingredients review documents as well. (Nothing)

Selection 6
Seems you have an innocent spot in you, Jumin. (Jumin)
You don’t even know the prices at the convenience stores? You must be joking! (Nothing)

Selection 7
You’re suddenly acting a bit pathetic. (Jumin)
Throwing it out down the drain…of something oyu made with great difficulty… T_T (707)

Selection 8
Catching your breath is important as well. (Nothing)
In other words, you’re distracted. (Nothing)

Selection 9
Tell me more of this cleaning fairy. (Nothing)
You’re nodding to that? ;;;;; (Nothing)

Selection 10
Awesome! Why don’t we learn its secret cleaning methods at the party? (Email from cleaningfairy)
Cleaning fairy sounds too suspicious….

Selection 11
Jaehee, good morning! (Nothing)
Huh; It’s Jaehee;; (Nothing)

Selection 12
You are very persistent. (Nothing)
Too bad, you were this close to being successful in your fabrication. (707)

Selection 13
You just came in. Are you already leaving? (Nothing)
Jaehee, good luck today! (Jaehee)

Selection 14
You really have only two friends? (707)
Isn’t it enough to have one friend like V? (Jumin + V)

Selection 15
1011011…… (707)
Can someone translate what Seven’s saying? (Jumin)

Selection 16
It wasn’t too far. It was way way too far. (Nothing)
I thought it was funny lol (Nothing)

Selection 17
Stop getting distracted and get to work. (Nothing)
Don’t forget to bring Sevenstar Drink Version 2 when you come back (Nothing)

09:13 – Back in the Days

Character(s): Zen, Jaehee
Outgoing Call(s): Jaehee


Selection 1
Cat Cafe
Jumin’s company?
A morning meeting of beautiful people? lol (Nothing)
Did you get your license renewed? (Nothing)

Selection 2
I’m ready to hit Save. Please show it to me!!!! (Zen)
I’m actually tired of seeing it since I’ve seen it numerous times. (Nothing)

Selection 3
Oh! I suppose the roads were familiar to you – (Nothing)
When did you debut? (Nothing)

Selection 4
And the story does that it was your girlfriend.
You must be happy. (Nothing)
Ooh, celebrity! (Zen)

Selection 5
It must have been worthwhile! (Zen)
What photo did V debut with? (V)

Selection 6
Zen, I invite you to the room of mirrors. (Nothing)
Oh, um, yeah. Let’s put it like that.
Yeah. I think its harsh to compare appearances with you, Zen! (Zen)

Selection 7
I wanna be – most very best – (Nothing)
The one withPickaboo!? (Nothing)

Selection 8
Great! I’ll catch Backpack Monsters by inviting him to the party. (Email from bmonster)
I will decline as Ninpendo might get us because of copyright infringements.

Selection 9
My eyes are screaming out with joy! (Nothing)
Oh…sweet jesus..! (Zen)
Wow lol

Selection 10
Welcome! (Nothing)
Jaehee, our professional Zen-critic, can you please explain to us what kind of performance it was?(Jaehee)

Selection 11
And like this, the number of photos in my folder increases one by one…. (Jaehee)
I want to see that performance- (Nothing)

Selection 12
AI role….?It must have been easy for an AI to play an AI role. (Ray)
Jaehee, your Zen-intelligence is really awesome. (Jaehee)

Selection 13
Truth is, I think I prefer V than Zen. (V?)
Skin conditions are alwayd better when you’re young… (Nothing)
Jaehee, have a class of cold coffee right now before you run wild. (Jaehee)

Selection 14
It’s a meeting with V’s acquaintance, right? (V)
I want to know whom he’s having the meeting with – (Nothing)

Selection 15
It’s my father-in-law^^ (Nothing)
V’s dad…I wonder what kind of a person he is. (Nothing)

Selection 16
He would have received some hardcore education. (Nothing)
Silver spoon family class… (Nothing)

Selection 17
They have few things in common, but they’re also different – (Nothing)
I like V’s humble attitude. (V)

Selection 18
I think they pair well together^^ (V)
I think relationship is…too glorified.
A virtual world of their own… (Nothing)

Selection 19
Enjoy your meal- (Nothing)
You do know that beer isn’t part of brunch, right? (Nothing)

Selection 20
Are you worried? (Nothing)
Does V know about this? (V)

Selection 21
It kind of bothers me that there’s a secret V keeps even from his friends.
You have one…called being a fan-girl. It’s your boyfriend and friend. (V)
I want to be friends with V too. (V)

Selection 22
Jaehee, have a great day today! (Jaehee)
Bye- (Nothing)

12:22 – My Best Friend

Character(s): Ray
Outgoing Call(s): Zen, Yoosung


Selection 1
I did- (Nothing)
Not yet. (Nothing)

Selection 2
Of course! Friends are really dear. (Nothing)
No…Humans betray someday. (Nothing)

Selection 3
You’re friends with flower^^ (Ray)
Aren’t you working indoors all the time? (Nothing)

Selection 4
I like lily-of-the-valley! (Nothing)
What’s the flower language of daffodils. (Nothing)
What’s the flower language of blue roses? (Nothing)

Selection 5
You can! Though more time would be needed. (Ray)
Um.. I think I feel more close with the friends inside the game. (Nothing)

Selection 6
Who is it? (Nothing)
I’m jealous… (Ray)

Selection 7
I don’t feel it at all…I wish you’d be obsessed with me a bit more…
Um, I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it…. (Nothing)
I don’t think you’re obsessed with me. I’m just glad that you seem to care for me a lot! (Ray)

Selection 8
Who is this person? (Nothing)
Then Ray, are you working for this person? (Nothing)

Selection 9
I want to be with you…! My mind will not change. (Ray)
When the party is held…I think I would want to leave here. (Nothing)

Selection 10
I want to see you today, Ray! (Ray)
Bye! (Nothing)

14:09 – Small Cute Adorable

Character(s): 707, Jahee
Note: 707 calls after this chat
Outgoing Call(s): Jumin, 707
Outgoing Calls (suggested, not confirmed): Ray


Selection 1
Is something wrong? (Nothing)
Oh, Savior of Justice!! Has a villain appeared?
Everyday is a crossroad lol (Nothing)

Selection 2
What’s your real job? (Nothing)
You’re a person receiving a salary. (Nothing)

Selection 3
I secured your portrait of the deceased. Thanks. (Nothing)
What a dangerous mission…I wonder if you can return safely… ? (707)

Selection 4
Condolences to Jaehee’s eyes… (Jaehee)
I understand her. She must’ve been surprised to learn that your mission is a dangerous one… (Nothing)

Selection 5
I pray for your successful mission. (Nothing)
I think I’m already used to it now-^^ Hahaha. (Nothing)
Will a nude photo be next?

Selection 6
I am curious of the next theme.
Such a delicate plot… This messenger is truly awesome. (Ray)
Do I need to feed the fairy with compliments? (707)

Selection 7
Is 3 days enough? Won’t you need a week? (Nothing)
3 days…. ? (Nothing)

Selection 8
…Let me hear it out first. (Nothing)
Got it. (Nothing)

Selection 9
I was about to recommend the first one!! (707)
Oh! Compliment from the bottom of Jaehee’s heart!
Jaehee….you want to get out of this fast, right? (Jaehee)

Selection 10
Seven! Sell your car to me! (Nothing)
Cars are dreams! Don’t sell it! (Nothing)

Selection 11
Since it’s largely influencing the national economy…I think it’ll be larger than what we imagine… (Nothing)
Maybe it’s duty-free business? lol (Nothing)

Selection 12
Okay…Good bye. (Nothing)
It’s inevitable because of its size difference. (Nothing)

Selection 13
Not really.
I pay a decent amount earnestly. Thought not as much as Jumin… (Nothing)
I’m a person with a fragile wallet that gets billed with withholding tax. (Nothing)

Selection 14
Wouldn’t V’s mother’s hair color have been mint? (Nothing)
V might have colored his hair… TT (Nothing)
The father might have dyed his hair….

Selection 15
You’re the son of a dragon? Whatever…. (Jaehee)
I wish a dragon would come to the party…. (707)

Selection 16
Wouldn’t it be better if we invited those who can actually attend the party? (Jaehee)
Let’s make an equal world for everyone together! (707)

Selection 17
Whoa… (Nothing)
It looks like a strong name. (Nothing)

Selection 18
Okay! Let’s invite it! (Email from dark dragon)
It’s not the right time to unveil the sealing of the dragon Smug, so Itherfore decline.

Selection 19
Wow- (Nothing)
Can the party be really held properly? T_T (Jaehee)

Selection 20
You’ve put your effort in trying to find the most ordinary person! (Nothing)
So this person has nothing to do with the pilot you first mentioned! (Nothing)x
How is that person related to you, Jaehee? ;;

Selection 21
We cannot decline someone like that! (Jaehee + Email from normal)
We’re already too ordinary, and I don’t think we need to invite this person! (707)

Selection 22
What are you talking about? I’m sure you’re not really flying thorough the sky…. (Nothing)
Whoa…are you going to fall now? (Nothing)

Selection 23
Sounds dangerous…. (Nothing)
I want to try that! (Nothing)

Selection 24
I’d expect nothing less from someone V has appointed in charge of security. (V)
I don’t think it’s a good idea to trust all of Seven’t words. I mean, we’ve seen him playing tricks a lot….(Jaehee)
A genius!

Selection 25
Didn’t he invite the vampire and udon…..? (Jaehee)
The party might become more interesting! (Jumin)

Selection 26
No way- They both don’t look like bad people.
You don’t think V told those two to recommend only the weird guests to pretend to be holding a party, do you? (Ray)
I’m worried that V might become baffled with all this. (V)

Selection 27
To rest during the evening, I must continuously work. (Nothing)
I’ll start my grand afternoon…! (Nothing)
I should pick up and finish up the work I was doing- (Nothing)

16:32 – Precious friend

Character(s): V, Jumin
Note: Jumin calls after this chat


Selection 1
V! Hi! (Nothing)
Hello. (Nothing)

Selection 2
I think it’ll be fun! (Nothing)
Do you think the members were serious with their recommendations? (Nothing)

Selection 3
Two friends gathered in a chatroom ^^ (Nothing)
Jumin, welcome. (Nothing)

Selection 4
Rich people helping each other out-what a great world they live in.
What kind of person is V’s father? I wonder what his impression is like. (Nothing)
Did you exchange any secrets? (Ray)

Selection 5
Is it a humiliating secrets that you can’t share with me? (Nothing)
Ah, then you two should enjoy your conversation through the phone ^^ (V)

Selection 6
Fathers are said to be close but distant as well. Especially in case of father-son relationship…!
Oh…You’ve become estranged. I’m a bit like that as well. (V)
V, you have a lot of secrets… What kind of secrets are you hiding from your father? (Ray)

Selection 7
It would have been better if you’ve told V before proceeding with it…. (V)
I think it’ll be a good occasion to get together. (Jumin)
Can I do to that occasion?

Selection 8
V…you seem very uncomfortable with your father. (V)
I think it’s was Jumin’s way of being considerate of you- (Jumin)

Selection 9
Feels like your business will be a big hit!
You must have seen each other often since you both lived in the same neighborhood- (V)
Do you have any stories…like secrets regarding V? (Ray)

Selection 10
Church…? I don’t think that type of religion can heal people. (Ray)
I want to hear memories of you two ^^ (Nothing)

Selection 11
Who sang better? (Nothing)
Cute – !! (V)

Selection 12
I think V would have won… (V)
So, who won? (Nothing)

Selection 13
Please don’t say that, V. It’s not your fault. (V)
Yes…Sometimes an emotional decision can worsen the situation. (Ray + Jumin)

Selection 14
Don’t you think this sadness isn’t something you can overcome? (Ray)
It’s going to get better little by little, V. (V)

Selection 15
V…don’t fall into too much despair, and try to cheer up! (V)
Bye. (Nothing)

Selection 16
Though he looks very cool on the outside….I think he’s having a hard time. (Alt Selection)
I think Rika was more unfortunate. (Ray)

Alt Selection
Is there anything I can do for V? (V)
He wouldn’t think me as a replacement of Rika, would he?

Selection 17
I’m going to think of V….Bye. (V)
I’m going to take a break now! Take care! (Nothing)

18:24 – Explosion of Emotions

Character(s): Yoosung, Zen
Outgoing Call(s): Jumin, Zen, Jaehee
Outgoing Calls (suggested, not confirmed): V


Selection 1
Yes, I did. (Nothing)
Umm… I did see it, though I didn’t understand quite well. (Nothing)

Selection 2
Yoosung, you must be in pain… (Yoosung)
Please calm down….
Doesn’t it feel like everyone is hiding something? (Ray)

Selection 3
Welcome, Zen the Gorgeous – (Nothing)
Hello – (Nothing)

Selection 4
We were talking about Jumin. (Yoosung)
Yoosung is currently exploding with emotions. (Zen)

Selection 5
You should be nice to your relatives. (Nothing)
Aunt and uncle? (Nothing)

Selection 6
Whoa….isn’t that harsh? It was their daughter’s funeral…. (Yoosung)
Don’t you think Rika’s family affected her in a bad way? (V)

Selection 7
Rika was adopted? (Nothing)
There seems be a lot of drama….. (Nothing)

Selection 8
I didn’t know since Rika had a bright image… (Nothing)
They’re a family. Didn’t they keep contact with Rika? (Nothing)

Selection 9
It’s not easy to trust someone with secrets. (Nothing)
I think V’s trying hard too. Why don’t you leave him alone for a bit….? (V)

Selection 10
lololol (Yoosung)
I think having someone next to you would help ^^; (Zen)

Selection 11
I don’t think that’s something…Yoosung needs. (Yoosung)
Yup. It is a heal-all-potion, the panacea. (Zen)

Selection 12Don’t treat Yoosung like a child. He’s an adult. (Nothing)
Zen said that to help you…but you just shake it off…. (Nothing)

Selection 13
I don’t think it’s a good idea to enforce your method. (Nothing)
Zen…it might reach him later on. (Zen)

Selection 14
I wonder what’s V’s thinking… (V)
Everyone might become more light-hearted when everyone reveals the truth! (Ray)
I’m glad that at least you’re acting more positively.

Selection 15
Seven maybe has a heart made of steel? (Nothing)
His way of grieving might be out of this world! (707)

Selection 16
You can right through the wind with a VR game. (Nothing)
If you ride the motorcycle, V will get worried. (V)
Riding your motorcycle? Thorugh the wind-

Selection 17
I hope you’re not taking your motorcycle for a trip around your neighborhood! (Nothing)
Zen, you’ll look gorgeous even when after sweating. (Zen)

20:11 – Reason Behind the Curiosity

Character(s): Ray
Outgoing Call(s) After Story Mode: 707, Jaehee


Selection 1
You’re on your way here? Wow… (Ray)
Why does the background look different whenever you log in? (Nothing)

Selection 2
I’m not in my room yet…. (Nothing)
I was resting. Doing this and that. (Alt Selection)
I was about to have dinner-

Alt Selection
You’ve got a few right ^^ (Nothing)
Bzzzz! Wrong, you’ve got the all wrong!

Selection 3
Um….don’t we need time to learn about each other? (Nothing)
How much do you like me? (Ray)

Selection 4
I feel… a tad suffocated. (Ray)
I actually feel good. (Ray + HG?)

Selection 5
I acted naturally, not trying to pry out secrets. The AIs felt really natural…. (Nothing)
It was fun today as well. V turned a bit more active. (V)

Selection 6
Yes! (Nothing)
Give me a second… (Nothing)

Story Mode – Going to the Garden… And She Doesn’t Make a Run For It


If you are trying to go for Ray’s route, I suggest being nice with him.

Selection 1
Aren’t you busy? (Nothing)
I’ve been waiting for you! It’s great to see you. (Nothing)

Selection 2
You talked about a garden. (Nothing)
You said you needed caffeine. (Nothing)

Selection 3
I’m not an idiot-. (Nothing)
I want to go to that garden fast. (Nothing)

Selection 4
It’s a little chilly. (Nothing)
They’re beautiful…! (Nothing)

Selection 5
Just what do you do here, Ray? Why are you so busy? (Nothing)
When will this game end?
But…just what is this place? (Nothing)

Selection 6
Let’s walk for a few more minutes. I want to talk to you some more. (Nothing)
I want to go back and rest!
Already? I don’t want to go back. I feel trapped in there… (Nothing)

21:49 – Powder of the Coordinator!

Character(s): 707, V
Note: V calls after this chat
Outgoing Call(s): Jumin, Jaehee
Outgoing Calls (suggested, not confirmed): Ray


Selection 1
Cleaning Fairy! Have you complete all your chores? (707)
Hi-ho (Nothing)

Selection 2
Yes-I went for a walk in the gardens. It was great. (Ray)
Yes, it was great talking to V and all. (V)

Selection 3
I don’t know….  (Nothing)
Yes! (Nothing)

Selection 4
This time it’s an insurance scam? (Nothing)
When can I receive reimbursement? (Nothing)

Selection 5
Yes ^^ (V)
I’m holding the phone right now. (707)

Selection 6
What else did you find out apart from that? (Nothing)
Wow! I’m so glad! (Nothing)
I’m embarrassed ^^;

Selection 7
You really didn’t come in very often before lol (Nothing)
And what other kinds of information did you find out? (Nothing)

Selection 8
A tad later, please. (Nothing)
Sure – (Nothing)

Selection 9
Feels great that he’s looking out for me! (V)
I don’t know… Perhaps he’s not sincere about it. (Ray)

Selection 10
Let’s hear it out first.
V said not to advertise. (V)
Can I change the channel? (Nothing)

Selection 11
I want to buy one for V. (V)
Yes, I’ll order one box, please… There’s someone here who needs it… (Nothing)
Where did the insurance ad go?
Done with the advertisement?

Selection 12
Bye, Mr. Advertiser. (Nothing)
Good luck with your convenience store thing! (707)

23:07 – Another Level of Salvation

Character(s): Jaehee, Yoosung
Note: Yoosung calls after the Story Mode
Outgoing Calls (suggested, not confirmed): V


Selection 1
Jaehee, you should have some of Sevenstar Drink…!
Hell, Jaehee! You’re up late! (Nothing)

Selection 2
I believe Seven will be able to avoid them without a problem.
Troubled times, these times… (Jaehee)

Selection 3
Why don’t you go to a shaman? Or hire an exorcist…
I have a bad feeling about this…. (Nothing)

Selection 4
Yes…I hope they stop before they create more victims. (V)
Um… Maybe it could actually save someone… That’s probably why deeply religious people look very

Selection 5
Yoosung, what have you been up to? (Nothing)
Welcome –

Selection 6
Was it effective?
No…we must stop him!!! (V)

Selection 7
Did you fall in to the world of gaming? (Yoosung)
Are you ordering Sevenstar Drink!?

Selection 8
Isn’t that a virus…? (Nothing)
Seems like a sign.

Selection 9
Weren’t there any hidden information?
Sniff..I smell something….the smell of a spaceship burning… (707)

Selection 10
I’m thankful that he’s became brighter… (Jaehee)
Start binge-gaming from now on.

Selection 11
Go back to the game.
I believe it’s a problem you eventually have to return to and solve… (V)

Selection 12
She’s right!
Sounds like good words, but it’s always better to do an adequate amount of good deed. (Nothing)

Selection 13
I can see how dangerous it is just by hearing it; (V)
It may be happiness to those that want to be saved by force…

Selection 14
It might not be fancy like salvation, but I will do my best. (V)
Yes…But we won’t be able to do as much as before.
Why don’t we, the RFA, inherit and continue that!?

Selection 15
Yoosung, it might be time for you to look for professional help. (Nothing)
Eating might help you ease that stress.

Selection 16
Whoa, interesting! (Nothing)
I’m a bit suspicious lol

Selection 17
Let’s invite him! I wonder what his next costume will be after the leopard. (Email from neuropsychiatry)
He looks too fishy. I’ll decline.

Selection 18
Yoosung, you’re leaving in a speed of light. (Nothing)
Vent out your stress by gaming!

Selection 19
He needs a true salvation…
I think he just needs a way to vent out like that for now. (Jaehee)

Selection 20
I think I should get some rest too.
If you find it, please tell me as well! (V)


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23:07 – Another Level of Salvation :
Selection 6
Was it effective? (Ray)

Selection 9
Weren’t there any hidden information? (Ray)

Selection 11
Go back to the game.(Yoosung)

Selection 13
It may be happiness to those that want to be saved by force… (Ray)

Selection 14
Why don’t we, the RFA, inherit and continue that!? (Yoosung)

Selection 19
He needs a true salvation… (Ray)

oof November 12, 2021 - 10:51 pm

V outgoing call confirmed after the 23:07 Chattroom

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