Mystic Messenger Beginner’s Guide

by Vehura
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(This is a lot. I’m sorry…)Note: This guide pertains to the main story only. I do not recommend that you play any DLCs until you complete the good ending for each character in the main story.

THE GAME’S INTERFACE HAS CHANGED SINCE I HAVE MADE THIS GUIDE. The images will not match 100% what you see on the screen due to this change, but the information is still correct.

Mystic Messenger is a mobile-based otome game by Chertiz. The goal of the game is to make it to the end (in this case, a party) with a romantic interest (4 men and 1 woman) and invite guests to said party.

How to play

  • Participate in chats.
  • Answer incoming phone calls.
  • Respond to messages.
  • Answer guest emails to get them to come to the party.
  • Collect Hearts.
  • Exchange Hearts for Hourglass (HG) which can be used to “buy” story modes, unlock missed chats, return missed phone calls, randomly call characters, and unlock after ends.
  • Don’t Bad End

Aspects of the game

1.Hourglass Next to the Time: As you collect Hourglass (HG) in game, they will be collected here. As you progress in the game, you will also be given hearts. Under this menu you can exchange 100 Hearts for 1 HG. You can also buy Hourglass with real money. Doing so helps support the game developer and is recommended even if you can only buy $0.99 worth.

2. Yellow Hearts: Answering certain ways in chats and in text, characters will award you hearts. They all collect here and are used for the purpose stated above. Exchanging your hearts will not lower affection in the game.

3. Profiles: Character periodically will update their profiles as the game progresses. Characters with updated profile statuses will have orange backgrounds behind their images as shown in the graphic.

4.Album: When you see illustrations in chats, they will be stored here. (Note: some photos can be glitchy) Guide to getting all photos is here.

5. Message: Here the characters will send you messages. Sometimes you will be given the choice to answer the message by being give two choices. If you choose correctly, you will be awarded a heart. Please note that these are extras and do not effect which ending you will get in the game. You could ignore every text message sent to you and still get a good ending.

6. Email. Emails come in from guests. Answer them as the come in. There is an email guide located here if you do not wish to wing it. Even if you do not wish to use the guide, I recommend at least reading all the notes listed at the top of the page.

7. Call: After certain times after chats, characters will call you. The calls will be stored here. You can choose to call a character randomly if you wish. It will cost 5HG to do so and there is a chance the call will go to voicemail. Just like with messages, these are extras and serve more as a way to get more insight into characters personalities and motivations. You could not make a single outgoing call and/or not answers a single incoming call and still get the good ending.

8. Party Guests. Since you are new, this really serves no purpose at the moment. But, as you play, the guests you have already exchanged emails with will be saved here.

9. Chatrooms: Here you will talk to the characters like a real chatroom. During the course of the chat, you will be given anywhere from one to three choices to answer. Your choices determine who’s story (referred to here on out as a “route”) you go into during the common days (1~4) and, once you are in someone’s route, they determine if you will bad end on certain days, causing you to have to start the game over, or continue in the game. More on that later.

10. Links: Cheritz’s various social media accounts and links to their other games

11. Notice: Clicking this link takes you to Cheritz’s Twitter which will have the most up to date information about the game.

12. Help: If something happens in the game and you don’t what to do, check here first to see if it’s a common reported error first. Then, if you are unable to come up with a solution, press the 1:1 Inquiry to ask Cheritz directly.

13. Spaceship: This is an added way for you to gain Heart to exchange for HG. Tapping on the spaceship, you can see the inner thoughts of the characters. When the ship reaches the bag on the right side. It will turn yellow and have chips bursting out. Tap the ship, then the bag that pops up, and you will get your free reward.

First/New Game.

  • Start AFTER midnight, I’d suggest 12:05am/00:05. Starting before will cause you to miss your first day completely.
  • Press Original Story.
  • You will be shown two graphics with characters, these are the Story Modes. The characters on these graphic represent who’s route (or story) you can play in that mode.
    • Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee’s routes can only be played in Casual Story and Jumin and 707 can only be played in Deep Story.
    • Trying to get a character route in a story mode they are not available in will result on you either ending up in route you don’t want or getting a bad ending.
    • My suggested play order is: Zen>Yoosung>Jahee>Jumin>707. As for if you have to play in that order, no. But I feel like the mysteries will be revealed more organically if you do play in this order. Some people have expressed interest in playing 707 right away and I would, however, advise against that. Reading his route first would be like reading the first few chapters of a book and the immediately flipping to the final two chapters and reading those.
  • Watch the opening video and play through the prologue. This is set up for the story.
    • After playing through your first route, feel free to skip the prologue if you wish.
  • And now, we begin…

Chat routine.

Mysme plays in real time and does not have a pause button. Throughout the day, you will be required to enter chats with characters and answer emails. While emails can wait, chats cannot.

  • A chat opens
  • You have until the next chat opens to get into that chat and participate.
  • If you do not get into the chat in time, it closes, and you will no longer be able to participate in the chat for free.
    • To unlock and participate in the chat, you will have to spend 5HG.
    • If you want to make sure you don’t miss a chat, you can either use a walkthrough, located here on the game page for the day OR the Chat Times Only.
    • You can also choose to just read the chat and move on to the next chats, but, in doing so, you risk potentially getting a bad end depending on how many you don’t participate in and the chats’ importance to the story.
  • If the chat has a corresponding incoming call from a character, and you miss it, you will have to use 5HG to call that character back as well and there is a chance that they might not pick up.
    • Please note, again, that you are NOT required to call anyone or return a missed call if you do not wish to.
    • If you want to make sure not to miss a call that is attached to a chat, you can use the Call Log and Suggested Call Times guide.
  • If you miss any chats, let it be the ones that happen overnight. Please do not interrupt your sleep to get into a chat if you do not wish to.
  • Getting into every chat for the day will result in you getting 100% for the day. Reading chats (i.e. not participating) does not contribute to the daily percentage number.
    • You are not required to get 100% for the day in order to good end, but especially when you get into a charater route, do your best to get into every chat that the character who’s route you are in is in.
    • The very lowest for the day that I would recommend would be 50%, but do try your best to get into as many chats as possible.
  • Sometimes, you will see a graphic with a character in it or a yellow oval. These are called Visual Novel Mode (VNM). Pressing these will show you a story with the character displayed in the VNM. You may get a VNM with a character who’s route you are not in, this is normal and there is no need to worry.

  • If you are unable to open a missed chat, checking its border color will determine where your issue lies.

    • Orange Border: Chat has been completed.
    • Green Border: Chat needs to be completed.
    • Grey Border: Chat is locked and can only be unlocked by reading a Green Border missed chat OR a VNM that was missed. Look for a green border or read the last VNM you see before the missed chat.

Chat Participating.

Once you get into a chat you will see the characters talking to the MC and you will get to choose how you wish for her to respond to them. Certain answers will award you hearts for certain characters.

  • Grey Hearts – Zen
  • Green Hearts – Yoosung
  • Brown Hearts – Jaehee
  • Purple Hearts – Jumin
  • Red Hearts – 707
  • White Hearts – Common
    • There are a lot of fan theories surrounding these hearts, but, as far as I am concerned, them being common hearts is the only thing that makes real sense.

You may also get answers where you see a big heart pop onto the screen and break. These are heart breaks and they cause you to lose 1 heart in the chat.

  • If you want to know who’s heart you just broke, pay attention to the outline of the heart and not its color.
  • The outline corresponds to the colors above.

Once you get into a route, you may see that even the answers that don’t seem nice will also award you hearts.

  • Not all hearts are good hearts, some of them are bad.
  • Be wary of the answers you choose and how they might represent the main character in the eyes of the love interest who’s route you are in.

At one point, you will see the following:

This is a game branch and you MUST press it to continue the game.

  • Game branches determine if you will continue the game or bad end.
  • Ignoring the game branch will not pause the game. It will continue to play while it waits for you press the caution.
  • Your first caution will happen at the end of the 4th Day. The character who’s image shows up in the plaque area under the chat day is who’s route you are in. If you do not see an image, keep playing, but if you miss chats, don’t bother wasting HG to get into them.


Every once in a while, in a chat, you will be prompted to invite a guest to the party. When you agree, that person will send you an email once the chat is finished.

  •  In order to get someone to 100% commit to come to the party, you need to get three correct emails with three green arrows and a complete in silver/blue-green.
  • If you get two completed emails, there is a chance they will come (green).
  • Green arrow means the email is right.
  • Orange arrow means the email was incorrect.
  • Answer emails as they come in. Do not let them sit.
  • Invite as many as you can. Do not worry about possibly inviting someone your love interest may not like. Note: Inviting cat guests in Jaehee’s route and Zen’s fanclub in Zen’s route are the only exceptions and will result in heartbreaks from Jaehee.
  • It many take days from some guests to get back to you. I had guests confirming they would come and being marked complete, the day of the party. Be patient.
  • If you are trying to get the normal end for each character, do not invite any guests. And if you accidentally do, fail them first email.
  • You will start being able to accept emails on the second day.
  • You must participate in chats and tell characters to have them send you an email in order to receive emails.
  • Minimum to invite to still get a good end: 10
  • When you reach the party and end the game, the extras area will unlock. If you press the button for guests, you will be show the guest list. Selecting a guest and listening to the story will award you 1HG the first time you do this. You will not be award an HG again after read a guests story once.
  • Get the Good and Normal Ends out of the way in one go! When you get in emails, Reply until you have all three green arrow or an orange arrow but DO NOT open the emails! On the 11th Day, save before the party. After you have save, open all emails and then proceed to the party. Once you have a Good End screen and are popped back to the main menu, load up your save and then proceed to the party without opening any emails. You will then Normal End.

There is an email guide located here if you don’t wish to wing it.


These are extra. The choices you make in calls will not effect the game’s ending. Enjoy hearing the characters’ voices!

Text messages. 

These are extra. The choices you make will not effect the game’s ending, but, if you choose correctly for a character, you will receive a free heart!


Each love interest has multiple endings.

  • 1 Good End
    • Make it to the party on the 11th Day with at least 10 guests
  • 1 Normal End
    • Make it to the party on the 11th Day with less than 10 guests
  • 3 Story Bad Ends
    • These happen after each game branch
    • Happen when you choose answers that are not optimal to helping the character who’s route you are in achieve their personal goals.
  • 2 Relationship Bad Ends
    • These also happen after each game branch
    • Happen when you either don’t participate in enough chats or don’t participate in chats at all.

You are not required to do any endings other than the Good Ends if you wish. There is no bonus (so far) for unlocking every end of the game that I know of.

Save/Load. (Note: Some people are reporting that this feature may, once again, be broken, I would still save your game just to be safe.)

If you are unable to play the game for a while and do not have the HG to unlock chats, I would recommend using the Save and Load features.

Save the game before you leave and then load the save when you return a little after the same time you saved. It will be like you never stopped playing.

The left image is an incorrect load time. The save time is on the 4th Day, but because I am loading it BEFORE the save time, the game sees this as a move forward in time. You can’t make time go backwards (and if you try it, you will be banned from the game).

The right image is a correct load time. It is after the save time and show that I am still on the 4th Day. Loading this will result in no chats missed.

Odds and Ends.

  • Upon completing a Good End only, the After Ends on the Main Page will unlock and you can purchase that character’s After End for 20 HG.
  • Upon getting any ending, the Extras area will unlock. Here is where the game saves everything you have completed. Replay chats and calls as much as you like.
  • Do not worry about your replay of a route overwriting what you have in the Extras. The Extras save everything. if you make different choices, they will save with the choices you have already made. This also goes for calls.


Mystic Messenger is both a time consuming and rewarding otome game. Make sure to plan out your game play wisely. If you find that you might not have the time to play it, then it may not be the game for you. There are a ton of other games that I can recommend for you to try,

Please do not forget, I have a TON of walkthroughs on my site to help you succeed in your play through of the game! If you need a walkthrough for something, I probably already have it put together.

That is all I can think of for now! If you have a question that I didn’t answer here, please feel free to leave a comment!