Mystic Messenger – Christmas DLC Mini FAQ

by Vehura
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Since I seem to be getting the same questions over and over…

Q. Do you know if this is going away after Christmas?



Q. If you buy the Special Christmas is for always?

A. The game has taught us that if you buy a thing with HG that is not a chat, you have it forever.

Q. Can play the DLC again for a different route?

A. Yes.

Q. What time do I start playing the DLC?

A. The DLC (and all DLCs) work just like the main story, start at midnight.

Q. Does the DLC have any Main Story spoilers?

A. There are spoilers in 707′s route. If you want to play the DLC, I’d recommend you play 707′s route after completing the main story.

The DLC is like an AU (Alternative Universe); The MC is not together with anyone at the point of the DLC start.

Q. You listed some Outgoing Calls, but when I called, I was sent to voicemail. What’s going on?

A. There seems to be an issue with calls shifting around based on who’s route you’re on track to be in. I am calling after every chat every playthrough I do, because I have a calling card, to confirm calls. If you don’t have a calling card, call at your own risk. I will play everything again after I unlock all the ends and be confirming calls.

Q. I don’t see where I can get the Christmas story. Where do I get it?

A. Update your app. Then it will be obvious where you are supposed to go to get it.

Q. What happens to my main story run if I play this?

A. The game warns you to save your game before you start the DLC. So, I would do so to load it again later.


Q. The event says there are eight endings. Five good ends per character is obvious. What are the other three?

A. The other ends are a Bad Relationship End, a Bad Story End, and the third I still have not found.

Q. How do I get the endings that you have found?


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