New Game by Abracadabra Games – Mystery at the Movie Club

“Please… Someone help me…!”

You’ve just entered university, and joined the school’s movie club. To prepare the movie to show at the culture festival, you leave for summer camp together with your new friends.

Your first summer camp, your first movie shooting. Your first Summer spent with “him”.


It seems like the camping grounds have a chilling story behind them…

Your exciting, terrifying Summer starts now.

Hiroko Nagashima (name can be changed), a university student, crashes into another student who tricks her into signing up for a film society. Though, things may not be as they seem among the group…

This is a free-to-play game. Five free tickets to read the story, missions to be completed by taking lessons, and affection checks to pass.

There are currently two routes available, The Bossy (oresama) Masaki Igami and the Sexy (flirt) Takumi Saiki.


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