Check out these Otome Games on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

As the Vita begins to make its exit from the world of portable gaming, the Nintendo Switch has stepped in to take the label of portable for otome games. In Japan, Otomate has already begun to announce plans to release their games on the system with other companies surely also soon to follow.

Internationally, the switch (hahahah…. I’ll see myself out) has already begun. D3Publisher and OperaHouse have already begun to add their games. Operahouse has even released a new game on the Switch!

If you have a Switch, or are planning on getting one, here is the list of current and coming soon games to the system!

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Event – Midnight Cinderella – Under the Sea

Midnight Cinderella Under the Sea Graphic

Legends of a mermaid princess await the two of your by the beach… Let him prove his love for you is deeper than any ocean!

Basic Info

  • Two hours open Charm x2 fever.
  • Three parts, five chapters each, and two endings after the second part: Premium and Sweet. Premium requires an individual charm check to clear.
  • Personal Charm Premium Checks start at a 6000 and then go up that amount time the route number you are on.
  • Once you finish a suitor’s premium end, you have the option to purchase an avatar that has an after episode attached, 300 coins each.

Clear Amounts 

  • 1st Route (Premium): 12750
  • 2nd Route/Crystal Early Clear (P): 29070
  • 3rd Route (P): 46283
  • 4th Route/Pearl Early Clear (P): 68340
  • 5th Route (Sweet): 89352
  • 6th Route (S): 109956
  • 7th Route (S): 134640
  • 8th Route/ Diamond Clear (S): 166158

Event ends August 12th 7:59 CST

Walkthrough – Liar! Scheming Socialites – 9th Liar

9th Liar Title

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Number of Chapters: 35


  • S-Rank – 8010 Cool Points and 360 Savvy
    Unlock and read all ends.
  • A-Rank – 8610 Cool Points and 100 Savvy
    Unlock True, Love, and Scumbag Ends. Get to read one.
  • B-Rank – 7710 Cool Points and 60 Savvy
    Unlock Love, and Scumbag Ends. Get to read one.
  • C-Rank – 5210 Cool Points and 20 Savvy
    Unlock and read Scumbag End.

Note: SCROLL CAREFULLY. If you don’t want to spoil yourself and want to figure out the liar yourself, scroll slowly and look for the Chapter with “Accusation Portion.” I will list whom the liar is after that line.

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