Walkthrough – The Cinderella Contract – Ingrays

Cyril’s Endings

Normal: 85+ Reputation
Good: +165 Reputation (Unlocks Royal Gacha for 7 days where, after obtaining the rare item, a wedding dress, you will get the Royal Ending)

Maynard’s Endings

Normal: Default ending if you don’t reach Cyril’s Good Reputation level
Good: +55 Reputation and < 85 Cyril (Unlocks Royal Gacha for 7 days where, after obtaining the rare item, a wedding dress, you will get the Royal Ending.)

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Vehura Reviews – Starstruck Love by Arithmetic

Picture: Just keep telling yourself, it’s not incest if there’s no blood relation.

(This game has been discontinued and can not be played at the moment.)

Your parents suddenly die, leaving you with debts to pay. Now alone without a single relative, you are offered help by your childhood friend’s father. Your new father is the gifted CEO of a major entertainment company. Your pop star debut comes with a spacious room in a huge mansion, and your own private butler. You begin the coveted and comfortable life of a celebrity. What’s more, a hugely popular pop star group has become your siblings! You must keep secret the dangerous fact that you are siblings… and possibly more than that!?

Starstruck Love is a free to play otome game by Arithmetic.

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Vehura Reviews – The Cinderella Contract

Picture: some princes. Cyril looks too happy to see you and there is something odd about that…

You, a linguistically gifted correspondent, go with a client to a party filled with foreign socialites. Wait, are those hot socialites also princes!? These gorgeous guys clamor around poor, disoriented you. You let a prince escort you the rest of the evening, which passes like a dream.

Then, the next day… You’re about to fly back home, when you get caught up in an investigation! Coming to your rescue is a prince from last night…!? And what’s more, he demands that you enter a contract marriage with him as thanks. You can’t turn down his command! Will you find true love at the end of the aisle? Or will you find…

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