Vehura Reviews – My Forged Wedding Party

Pictured: five out of six of your love interests. Ren woke up to take this picture (and looks like: “Is it over? Imma go nap.”), yet Kuni couldn’t show up? We all know he’s not doing anything.

Note: This game has been discontinued. You can still play the Main Stories, but the game no long has events.

“Please…marry me! It’s only for three months…” Though you just met…suddenly you’re married?! You find yourself in a contract of fake marriage for three months… But at the end of it all, what will become of you and your new husband? Will your love, which started as a lie, become true love after all?

My Forged Wedding: Party is a free-to-play otome game by Voltage, Inc. I enjoyed the pay version of this and I don’t know if you know this yet, but Yamato Kougami, the man in the front of the graphic, is one of my game husband.

The storyline of how you end up in your fake marriage makes a little bit more sense in this version. In the pay version, all six of the guys stand around you and are like: “OKAY PICK NOW” without giving the Main Character any idea what she’s picking for. In this version, you kiiiinda owe your fake fiancé a favor in return for bailing you out of your situation.

At the beginning of the game, Kunihiko is just going to throw love passes at you like nobody’s business. Seriously, you’re gonna play the first two chapters (20 together) plus the prologue during your first play. You also get daily login items to help you.

The game itself is pretty easy. Read the story, make selections, and compete in cooking battles for wife points, money, and gacha points. The UI isn’t too hard on the eyes despite being mostly pink. Whomever your husband is says different things every day in his area on the ‘My Page’ and occasionally he’ll visit the house and do/say something adorable as well.

The overall stories are pretty vanilla, There are two lover interests that I do not like in their Main Stories at all and I only managed to warm up to only one of them over time through events.


  1. It’s My Forged Wedding, but free and with a different story. LOL
  2. Long introduction of characters for those not familiar with them. If I didn’t already know everyone’s personality, the prologue will definitely give you some insight on them.
  3. Tons of bonuses. When you first start the game, they give you sign in bonuses daily. From clothes, to passes, and money, it’s non-stop with all the things it gives you.
  4. Picture album! You can pick the size that you want to see the pictures. Unfortunately, there is no way to save the picture from the album. Your best chance to get it full screen is to cap it when it happens in the story.


  1. Spinning the gacha is 500pts. That is a lot.
  2. No scenario album. Once you’ve read it, it’s gone until you re-play the route again.
  3. Cooking Lessons cost a lot to do and take a while to refill. Cooking Lessons – the way you earn money (mari), affection (called wife points here), and gacha points – cost 50 stamina out of 100 each and take 5 hours to refill. I end up setting an alarm -because I’m a crazy person – to remind myself if the game doesn’t already alert me with a push notification.
  4. You can’t go sweet route without opening your wallet. Sweet route has CGs and you can’t see them unless you drop some cash.
  5. When you start, you aren’t going to have a lot of room. With only 6 closet space and 15 warehouse space, you’re gonna have to get used to throwing things away to make room for new items until the game gives you space or you buy more.


  • Save up your aroma therapy. Like with most games with events, you need to save up your stamina boosts to help you out for events. Resist the urge to use them during your main route.
  • Login every day for bonuses. I login when I wake up first thing in the morning.
  • Do your cooking missions at least twice a day (every 5 hours). It gives you wife points and gacha points. It’s better to have too much wife points than not enough. That way you aren’t frustrated when you get a mission and don’t have enough.
  • Do your daily mission. I would recommend hold out on doing your gacha until you get a mission for it. It’s pretty expensive (500 points) and the odds of you building it up in the time frame of a day are slim.

TL;DR Good intro to otome game with vanilla stories. UI make take a bit to get used to. There is a lot to do in game so it may be confusing to a first time/casual player.

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Vehura Reviews – Be My Princess for GREE

[Picture: Look at all these cute princes… Go get the pay-per-route game. For less stress in your life]


I know that this game is being discontinued, but this has been sitting in my drafts for a while and I was hesitant to drop it just because of how badly I bash the game in it. But now that it’s ending, let me tell you all how much a loathe BMP for GREE and am glad they are discontinuing it.

This story is set in modern times [Alternate Universe] where the princes of six kingdoms come together. The player is a regular girl who has just landed herself a dream job as a fashion designer. She then finds her fate intertwined with her chosen prince and his palace life. A serendipitous romance between an ordinary girl and a prince develops as the player levels up within the gameplay.

Ranting under cut.

Be My Princess

is a game from Voltage Inc. This version, for GREE, is the free-to-play version of the pay version of the game. You get all the game standards here: 5 love passes a day, in game ways to build up money and gacha points. Avatars to dress up and rooms to furnish.

Now comes the part that some of you might not be expecting. I both love and loathe this game. I love the stories. There is nothing wrong there. The problem comes down to, as in life, money. When you first start playing the game, you will hit a snag about half of the way through that has to deal with the avatar missions. The breakdown is like this: you go to Royal Parties where you build up money (called cruz in game), royal factors (people who like you) and, on occasion, gacha points. The problem lies with the cruz building system.

On weekdays, a winning party will net you +50 cruz and cost you 25 stamina, which is the same as in Celebrity Darling, the other Voltage GREE game. On the weekend fevers though, a winning party will only net you +150 cruz and cost you 30 stamina. “Why is this bad?” you wonder. “I don’t see the issue.” Well, come back to me when you hit the first 27000 cruz sweet mission and it takes you three weeks to hit it. And then, not even a week later, you are hit with the 36000 sweet mission and you spend almost another three weeks trying to raise this.

In Celebrity Darling, the stamina amount doesn’t change on the weekend fever AND a win nets to 400~480 salary. This is why I have never had the issues in Celebrity Darling like I have in BMP.

My work around for this? Well, I didn’t have as big as a problem during my second route as I did with my first. Mostly because I didn’t play the story at all during the weekends and just went to parties 3x a day. I’d recommend, in order to not hate yourself when you get to the second avatar mission, is to read the story every other day and maybe not at all on the weekends. Now, I don’t mean don’t play the game at all. Sign in, greet your friends 3x a day and do Royal Parties at least 3x a day. You are gonna have to work for this.

I know it’s gonna suck. I feel pretty confident in saying that the game will get easier as you go on and you won’t have to work as much to pass missions. It’s just your first few playthroughs.

Or you could just get the pay version. I actively searched out and almost cried when I found the pay version. Mostly because I was into the second week of no Joshua and was feeling very sad about it.


Walkthrough – The Cinderella Contract – Rossiyskaya

Yuri’s Endings

  • Normal: 85+ Reputation
  • Good: +165 Reputation (Unlocks Royal Gacha for 7 days. You spend gacha tickets on this, which is why it’s important to unlock the Gold Login Sheet unless you wish to spend your cash on them. IF you obtain the rare item, a wedding dress, you will get the Royal Ending)

Yelisei’s Endings

  • Normal: Default ending if you don’t reach Yuri’s Good Reputation level
  • Good: +55 Reputation and < 85 Yuri (Unlocks Royal Gacha for 7 days. You spend gacha tickets on this, which is why it’s important to unlock the Gold Login Sheet unless you wish to spend your cash on them. IF you obtain the rare item, a wedding dress, you will get the Royal Ending)

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Walkthrough – The Cinderella Contract – Ingrays

Cyril’s Endings

Normal: 85+ Reputation
Good: +165 Reputation (Unlocks Royal Gacha for 7 days where, after obtaining the rare item, a wedding dress, you will get the Royal Ending)

Maynard’s Endings

Normal: Default ending if you don’t reach Cyril’s Good Reputation level
Good: +55 Reputation and < 85 Cyril (Unlocks Royal Gacha for 7 days where, after obtaining the rare item, a wedding dress, you will get the Royal Ending.)

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