Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger – Jaehee Interactions

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  • Sympathize! Jumin works Jaehee to the bone. If she expresses stress about her job or Jumin bossing her around, support her the best you can.
  • Fangirl with her, but not too much. Jaehee is a huge Zen fan and fangirling with her will also bring you hearts, but do your best to not flirt with Zen. Consider him out of reach and just there for you to enjoy with her! But also encourage her to connect with him as well.
  • Be real about it. Jaehee is very level-headed and wants you to think things through. Try not to rush to do too much and keep your answers also reasonable.
  • Melt that work state of mind. Don’t constantly badger her to work, she gets that already from Jumin. Instead ask questions to help her trust you.

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Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger – Yoosung Interactions

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  • (General) If you are going to call anyone back, call back Yoosung. Just to make sure you have as many interactions with him as possible.
  • Easy catch. Just be nice to him. If someone is bullying him *cough*seven*cough* don’t sit back and let it happen.
  • A little flirt goes a loooooong way. Seriously, it’s not that hard to get on his good side.
  • Take interest in his hobbies. Especially the gaming. 😉
  • You are you and not anyone else. Do not let him blur the lines.

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Mystic Messenger Easter Eggs

Come back to this page to see updated Easter Eggs. Spoilers will be put under a cut!

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Prologue – Unknown’s “Picture”

When you first talk to Unknown in the prologue, make the following selection and he will send you a photo of himself: No. You’re creepy.

Party Fail – Normal Ends
Get a character’s normal end by going for the good end, but inviting nobody to the party. Alternative, invite people but fail all emails so nobody comes to the party.

Chats Per Day
With a few exceptions here and there, most days in MM have a total of 11 chats.

Bad Ends have been moved to a Bad Ends Guide located here: https://otomeobsessed.com/post/153961449538/mystic-messenger-bad-ends-guide