Finally, In Love Again by Voltage Inc.

Finally in Love Again Title

Wrapped up in your career, your love life has been neglected… until you’re side-swept by love!

You thought your ex was out of your life for good… but look who’s showed up!
On top of that, you’ve got five gorgeous guys all confessing their love for you!!

He doesn’t care that you’re still thrown off by how rusty you are!
He’s very intent on inviting you on dates and stealing kisses…

“Don’t think. Just feel that I’m here.”

Your man takes the lead and you’re head over heels before you know it!
It’s been a long time since you were in love, but now it’s about to happen again!

Status: On-going

Genre: Slice-of-Life

Download (This game is in Love 365)


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  • Aki Fujishima
  • Shuichiro Momoi
  • Yoh Kobayakawa
  • Sosuke Kikuchi
  • Yuto Tsuruya
  • Kazuki Serizawa
  • Kanta Tachibana

Route Info

  • Main Story: 400 Coin Each ($3.99USD)
  • POV Story: 300 Coin Each ($2.99USD)
  • Special Story: 100~200 Coin Each ($.99~$1.99USD)

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