My Sweet Bodyguard by Voltage Inc.

My Sweet Bodyguard Title

One day, you suddenly learn that you are the daughter of the prime minister and your life is in danger…!

You are assigned your very own 24-hour personal bodyguard to protect you!

While he protects you from danger, your relationship with the bodyguard takes a romantic turn…

Status: On-going

Genre: Action

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  • Subaru Ichiyangi
  • Kaiji Akizuki
  • Sora Hirosue
  • Mizuki Fujisaki
  • Daichi Katsuragi
  • Hideki Ishigami
  • Seiji Goto
  • Toru Kurosawa
  • Eiji Kiyosumi
  • Kenta Makabe

Route Info

  • Main Story: 400 Coin Each ($3.99USD)
  • POV Story: 300 Coin Each ($2.99USD)
  • Special Story: 100~200 Coin Each ($.99~$1.99USD)

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