Play All of DeareaD Inc.’s Games in Their New Library App

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DeareaD has released a new otome library application, OTOME Romance Box, on iOS. Update: Game is also now available on Google Play

This library app contains all of DeareaD’s games that have been released. The app supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese. One of the games also supports  Chinese, Korean, French and Portuguese.

Game Breakdown with currently supported languages

  • OTOME of Ikemen cafe(ja,en,fr,zh,pt,ko)
  • Princess To Be(ja,en,fr)
  • Sengoku love(ja,en)
  • Prince of the Resort(ja,en)
  • Love Ice Rink(ja,en)
  • Monster’s first love(ja,en)
  • Together in the sky(ja,en)
  • A.I. -A New Kind of Love-(ja,en)
  • First Page of Love(ja,en)
  • The legendary love story(ja,e)

(Sample of some game titles)

The App is currently only available in the Apple App Store. Update: Game has now been released in Google Play. Link is below.

Game within the app with walkthroughs on OO

Game: OTOME Romance Box
Release Date: November 26, 2018 (iOS)/December 29, 2018
System: iOS & Android
Price: Free
Download (iOS):
Download (Android):

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