Play Romance Visual Novel “Sifting Thyme” on iOS or Android

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A romance visual novel with unforgettable characters and adventures, and a perfectly delectable story for foodies across the globe.


You’re the newest transfer student at Lincoln Culinary Academy, a private culinary school and the perfect start to your path towards finding your culinary calling. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of food, business, and innovation throughout your school adventures. But you’re definitely not alone in this journey, as four gorgeous guys with culinary skills of their own await you to make your experience at Lincoln worthwhile.

Together, you will explore the world of food to forge relationships, engage new challenges, and aspire to make each other’s gourmet dreams come true.

Love Interests

Game Information

  • Exciting new chapters released the 2nd Monday of every month until the full story is completed.
  • Four romance-able characters you can bond and interact with to unlock text messages, social media content, and romantic scenarios
  • Explore branching routes based on your choices and relationships with characters
  • Experience unique scenarios inspired by your favorite foods, culinary destinations, the latest U.S. food industry trends, and delicious cuisines from around the world

Key Features

  • One-time purchase only for the core storyline game, with full access to new chapters as soon as they are released!
  • Ad-free experience
  • Unlockable CGs
  • Immersive MC experience – select as a female or male MC
  • Unlockable social media content with the characters
  • Original Soundtrack
  • At least 8 different endings

Official Links


Game: Sifting Thyme
Developer: Nochi
Release Date: April 16,2020
System: iOS, Android
Price: $4.99
Language: English
Download (iOS):
Download (Android):

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