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Pre-register for Akaseka, formerly “Singing in a Twilight World with You,” for bonuses at launch.

Digisky began pre-registration for Akaseka on May 6th, the events include a variety of high-level virtual treasure gifts giveaway. Players who are interested in the pre-registration are welcome to participate.  To qualify for pre-registration, players just need to enter the official pre-registration web page, log in FB account, and fill in your email.

The more players who pre-register, the more rewards everyone will get! Furthermore, if players share the post to Facebook or Twitter publicly with specific hashtag #Akaseka, each player will get a luxury virtual treasure upon official launch! Come and join in the pre- registration and share the event! 

Pre-registration link –

About Akaseka

Akaseka has swept across Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other Asian regions. More than one million users join in this game which combines Japanese style and match-3 gameplay. By developing Lunar Otoko who have the same names as well-known Japanese historical figures and unlocking the stories through match-3 gameplay, players will experience an interactive story game which allow players to develop relationships with different men!

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