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This summer, Eden of Ikemen: Love in a Lost World is a suspense/survival themed otome game will be released on mobile.

Eden of Ikemen is a direct sequel of DEAD OR LOVE, a smash hit otome game that has gained more than 200,000 avid fans. However, you do not need to have played DEAD OR LOVE in order to enjoy this game.


“If you want to get out of this island alive, stay close to me.”

The luxurious cruise ship that you’re on sinks.
The 14 survivors, including you, are washed up on a desert island.

Escape is your main goal, but a series of dangerous traps set by an unknown perpetrator keeps coming your way.
What will you do when it turns out that an intricately designed trap was to blame for the sinking of the luxurious cruise ship!?

On the island full of conspiracy, you find yourself being protected by charming ikemen with unique personalities!

Will the path you’re on lead you to your fated one?

Who will survive with you on a deserted island of love and desire!?

The truth of the sinking ship and the identities of the mysterious ikemen–witness as the mysteries of the desert island unravel!


◆  Cool x Stoic: Fenrir the Strongest Soldier

“…It’s dangerous here. Stay close to me.”

A taciturn man who keeps pushing you away. And yet, whenever you are in a bind, he will always come to your rescue.

His identity and background, including his real name, are all shrouded in mystery and no one knows why he keeps these details in secrecy. Though apparently, he comes to the island after receiving an invitation from someone…

◆ Mysterious x Impish: Joshua the Sexy and Wanted Criminal

“Hey, Eve. Want to try the forbidden fruit?”

An internationally wanted con-artist who deceives the rich.
Since meeting you on the desert island, you’ve been on his mind and he’s been trying to seduce you.

His criminal record as a genius hacker has helped him approach the wealthy, including the yakuza and the investor, but little is known about his true goal and identity.

◆ Fierce x Passionate: Eiji the Reliable War Doctor

“Hey… What do you say we get on with the artificial respiration?”

An optimistic war doctor who’s been on the battlefield before–at least, that’s how his introduction goes. No one knows what his true goal is.

However, it seems to be related to his birth…

Pre-register For Rewards

If you pre-register for the game, you can get free items in Eden of Ikemen: Love in a Lost World! Not only that, but you can also get free items in a number of selected games by AbracadabraGames that you are currently playing.

If the number of pre-registered users exceeds 10,000 people, you will be able to obtain:
– Items worth more than 7000 JPY (approx. 65 USD) in total
– Exclusive super sweet scenarios


Complete the Tutorial after the game has been released and everyone will get the rewards


1000+: Banana (Stamina Recovery Item) x 2
2000+: Banana x 1 + Gacha Ticket x 2
2500+: Scenario Ticket x 1 + Fragment Item x 5
3000+: Gacha Ticket x 3
4000+: Scenario Ticket x 5 + Pre-registration Exclusive: Eiji Special Scenario
4500+: Banana x 5 + Fragment Item x 10
5000+: Scenario Ticket x 10 + Pre-registration Exclusive: Joshua Special Scenario
7000+: Gacha Ticket x 7
10000+: Scenario Ticket x 15 + Pre-registration Exclusive: Fenrir Special Scenario

The Pre-registration Exclusive Special Scenarios feature tooth-rooting fluff, so don’t miss the chance to get them!

You can also get deluxe items in the following games:

  • Blood Domination
  • Princess of the Moon ~Ultimate~
  • TekiKare – Boyfriend or Foe?  
  • Lust in Terror Manor – The Truth Unveiled
  • Hanayome: The Sacrificial Bride

How to pre-register

Pre-register for the game on their official social media handles. Following the game on Facebook and Twitter is all it takes

Official Facebook:

Official Twitter:

Check out the official website also if you wish by visiting

Which character has caught your eye? Answer below 👇👇👇

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