Recommendations: Games/Routes with Love Interests who are respectful toward the MC


  • Destined to Love
  • Midnight Cinderella
  • Ikemen Sengoku
  • Cinderella TV
  • My Forged Wedding Party
  • Be My Princess Party
  • Shall We Date? Scarlet Fate+
  • Shall We Date? The Niflheim
  • Sweet Scandal Returns: Horai and Misato routes
  • The Cinderella Contract: Ingrays and Turkiye routes
  • Royal Midnight Kiss: Rene and Asim routes
  • My Sweet Proposal: Mitsui Keita, Sakura Ryoichi, and Seo Eishi routes
  • Shall We Date? Magic Sword+ : Ethan route
  • Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja: Yotshisune, Benkei, Noritsune, Kazemasa route
  • Office Lover: Shiraishi Anri route
  • Shall We Date? My Fairy Tales+: Gretel Route
  • Shall We Date? Angel or Devil+: Fyril route
  • Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale: Luca and Albert Routes

Pay Games

  • Shall We Date? My Fairy Tales: Cindo Route

Any other games/routes?

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