Review – An Incurable Case of Love Vol 1-3

by Vehura
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Nanase becomes a nurse to meet the handsome doctor she fell for. Too bad he’s a jerk…

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Nanase Sakura became a nurse in the hopes she may meet her first love again, a handsome doctor who she saw save a someone five years ago. But when she finally meets up Dr. Kairi Tendo again by getting a nursing job at the hospital he works at, he doesn’t remember her. He is also notoriously hard on nurses, causing the to transfer from his department. How will Nanase deal with this side she never expected? Will she win him over or fall out of love?

An Incurable Case of Love, first released in 2016, is a manga by Maki Enjoji that completed in Japan at seven volumes. Known for her insanely popular Happy Marriage?!, you have some baseline idea of what you are in for storywise if you’ve read almost anything by her. The good news is, even with this expected plot line, you are still going to have fun reading it no matter what.

Nanase is determined, but poor at decision making. Since she has seen the real Tendo, she finds herself being picked on by him, and even doing a little fight picking herself. A lightweight when it comes to drinking, she finds herself forgetting to do basic things like eating due to stress. She is realistic as they come. She’s not a goodie goodie, but she’s also not impossibly stupid. She’s fun to read even when she’s being over-dramatic.

The love interest, Dr. Tendo (or as the staff refer to him “Dark Lord”) is a jerk. He’s nice to patients, but he doesn’t really tolerate incompetence. I have read stories along this same theme where the writers have a hard time finding a good balance to the point where the love interest isn’t even likable unless you stick around to find out just what the guy’s deal is. That’s not so much the case with Tendo. Tendo still has his moments of he’s being hard for a reason but you see him start to soften up to Nanase early on and then almost immediately putting his wall back up.

These three volumes deal with a lot of things. Nanase reuniting with Tendo and trying to figure out how to reconcile the Dr. Tendo of her dreams with the Dr. Tendo of reality. She must do all of this while also trying to become a good nurse. Dr. Tendo getting an unexpected love rival and he is still not sure what his feelings even are for Nanase. Tendo and Nanase’s romantic relationship development (this isn’t a spoiler, this a romantic comedy josei). It’s quite rocky trying to figure out if they can even have a romantic relationship when Nanase seems to try so hard and Tendo seems super passive.

Enjoji’s artwork is fun to look at. She knows when to bring out the soft look in a character and then turn it into something very comedic without giving the reader whiplash. At times Dr. Tendo will be drawn in a way to make your heart pound, and in the next frame he is making the most ridiculous face.

While it can be a somewhat trope-y at times, I enjoyed reading these three volumes and look forward to reading more. I recommend this for anyone looking for something mostly light-hearted. You may find diving into the world of hospital antics and a woman who is chasing after the man of her dreams who may not actually exist a nice escape from the current times.


  • Ridiculous comedy with moments of serious drama that grounds the story.
  • Main Character who wants to do the best even though it may be the wrong decision.
  • Fun artwork that is quite nice to look at.
  • Some scenarios can be very trope-y, but it’s to be expected of a romantic comedy.

Rating: 4/5

Final Comments: I can’t get enough of this series! I want Nanase to grow more mature in her love with Dr. Tendo, but I don’t know how much I’ll see of it due to Nanase still being quite young and this being her first relationship.

Publisher: VIZ
Publication date: October 1, 2019 (Vol 1), January 7, 2020 (Vol 2), April 7, 2020 (Vol 3)
Format: Paperback
Price: $9.99
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