Revival Event – Fairy Love Tale – Magic of the Beast is Melted with a Kiss

by Vehura
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“It’ll be good if you give me something more than a kiss.” You were changed into animal by magic item You need a kiss to break the corse?! (This is directly taken from the event info on the news page.)

(Original event run: March 10, 2015)

It’s a both a Points (Carene) AND Exchange event meaning that you read the story, meet checks and then have to go to battle in the event themed battle to win carene to pass these checks. You also, collect paw stamps and exchange them out for stories and items by clicking the top banner above your character info.

Everyone has their own route. 10 chapters. There are two endings: Good and Normal. Always run everyone’s good first if you want to all clear because the amount of carene you need to clear the good endings go up regardless if you read the good or normal ending.

1st Set Release (Event Open) – Ferris and Albert
2nd Set Release (January 20th 11AMJST) – Silvio and Elio
3rd Set Release (January 23rd 11AMJST) – Kite

After End Diaries. After clearing a route for a love interest, you will be given the option to purchase an After End diary. 150 Platinum each.

Event friends. You get 20% of your event friend’s carene total added to yours. You can have 20 event friends total after clearing all endings. You can be event friends with people who aren’t your friends, but there isn’t a way to search for those people on the management screen.


  • Early Clear 1 – Clear the both ends for the first set within 24 hours of event entry and get Cool Pink Eye
  • Early Clear 2 – Clear the both ends for the second set within 24 hours of their routes opening and get Marron orange color hair
  • All Ends Complete – Clear all ends (16 total) and get Green Room background
  • 50000+ Carene – Squirrel hut
  • 100000+ Carene – Asymmetric ruffle dress
  • 1 Route Clear – 500 Diamond
  • 2 Route Clear – Ivory Cape
  • 3 Routes Clear – Closetx1
  • 4 Route Clear – Lace-up girl boots
  • 5 Routes Clear – Fairy Housex1
  • 6 Routes Clear – Green Carpet
  • 7 Routes Clear – Rose Tea (Full Stamina Recovery)
  • 8 Routes Clear – Candy Tree
  • 9 Routes Clear – Gacha Ticket x1
  • 10 Routes Clear – Cake Stand Set

Event ranking bonus.

  • Place 20 – Layered Parker set
  • Place 50 – Sheep knit hat
  • Place 100 – Fluffy tail
  • Place 100 – Antique bottom set
  • Place 200 – Story Complete Recovery Ticket
  • Place 500 – 1500 Diamond

Carene Amount to All Clear. This is based off info from the first run of this event. at that time, I recorded overall amounts instead of the EC amounts.

  • Personal (IF YOU DO ALL HEs THEN NEs): 33000
  • Total: 138000

Paw Stamp

Click the banner above your info area at the top of the event to exchange out your stamps. It looks like this.

You get 1 stamp and the exchange rate is 1 to 1.

  • Accessing the event once a day.
  • When you read 4 event scenarios.
  • Going on animal lessons 5 times.
  • Clearing an event mission
  • Occasionally when doing Nice Dress

If you get an excellent, you have a chance of sending a stamp to the person who you took with you on the lesson. You also get them by clearing endings in the event.

Bonus items include:

  • DIARIES FOR THE BEAST CHARACTERS Harold at 30, Leon at 90, and Luca at 149.
  • Apples and Apple Pie
  • Closet and warehouse
  • Scenario and Gacha tickets
  • Avatar items
  • If you exceed 400, you will receive apple pie after every 10 exchanges.


Good Luck!

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