Revival Event Info – My Sweet Proposal – kisskiss♥Xmas

by Vehura
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This year, Christmas is on a week day… and it’s not a public holiday in Japan! You’re doing your best at work and receive a kiss present from him?!

Event Period: December 9th – December 22nd 9:00 JST

Healing Rose oil, Wedding Gacha(500) and one hour 100% success fever upon entering the event.

One routes per Love Interest. 12 scenarios to complete a route. At some point, you will reach a bouquets check for either a Sweet or Bitter Route, this is a split route that just has two different stories. There are two endings after Good End and Normal End.

Masaya and Eishi will be added 12/16 9:00 JST.

Avatar trial. There are two avatar trials in each route. +80 Charm. 200 Platinum or 6000 Love Points.

Extra Diary. Each route at some point will offer you the option to purchase a POV extra. 100  Platinum. 

After End Scenarios. After finishing the Good End of a route, you will have the option to purchase an after end. Usually 450 Platinum.


  • Fast Complete: Clear both Good Ends for the Masaya and Eishi within 48 hours of their event routes opening and get Christmas Ornaments (+120 Charm).
  • All Ends Complete: Clear all Good Ends (five total) and get the Xmas Illuminations (+240 Charm)

Event ranking bonus.

  • Place 25 – Bowtie & Green Jacket (“Prince” item, also has +5 Affection for Takeru)
  • Place 50 – Grey Checkered Pants (“Prince” item)
  • Place 75 – Gacha Ticket
  • Place 100 – Closet x5
  • Place 150 – Wedding Room Gacha (1200pts)

Heart Key. Once you read the good ends for Ryoichi, Keita, and Takeru, you will be given a heart key. This key is needed to Read Masaya and Eishi’s good ends once they are released. Without one, you cannot read their good ends. So, you have a lot of time to finish the first sets good ends

Bouquets Needed to Clear.

  • First Set Good End Clear (for Heart Key): 18000
  • All Good End Clear: 30000
  • All Event Clear: 58000