Revival Event Walkthrough – Liar! – Chocolate Coated Lies

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Pre-Valentines Day, you run into… Two totally suspicious people?! Call out the lies in time for chocolate!  This time around, there are two new files!

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Event Ends: 1/29 12:00JST
Early Clear Requirements: Clear 2 lover’s routes by 1/21 23:59JST
Early Clear Bonus: Haruichi Bath Time Story & Card
Top 500 Rank [New]: Itaru’s Scholastic Love story
(Rank is given out AFTER the event is over and is based on your rank once the event is over.)
All Routes Clear [New]: It’s His Turn Now story


Cool Points Mission – 100

Go to Ayumi’s profile>Friends>Rie>Scroll until you see the photo

Cool Points Mission – 500

Q. What recipe will you ask about?
B Gateau au chocolat (Correct)

Q. What word is Rie misusing?
C Glace (Correct)

Q. What do you ask to prove Rie doesn’t take cooking lessons?
The school location (Correct)

Rie’s FindFriend screen (Correct)

Q. Where’d Rie get the cake?
A A Jiyugaoka cake shop (Correct)

Q. What part of the cake proves it’s not a Rie original?
B The chocolate decoration (Correct)

Cool Points Mission – 900

Cake catalog (Correct)


Scroll to Shinji’s post>Click his image to go to his profile>Click into his profile>Take screenshot

Cool Points Mission – 1500

Scroll to Shinji’s post>Click the comments>Click on Keita’s comment>Scroll down on his profile until you see a photo>Take screenshot

Cool Points Mission – 2300

Q. What was weird at the jazz bar?
B Shinji and Keita’s conversation (Correct)

Let ’s prove what Shinji was doing on January 31

Shinji’s FindFriend screen (1) (Correct)

Keita’s FindFriend screen (Correct)

Party Flyer (1) (Correct)

Dangerous groups website  (Correct)

Cool Points Mission – 3100

Q. What decisive evidence is on the flyer?
Phone number (Correct)

Q. What’s the acapella group, really?
A sex group (Correct)


  • First Route
    • 1st Check: 4100
    • 2nd Check: 5200
  • Second Route
    • 1st Check: 6200
    • 2nd Check: 7300
  • Third Route
    • 1st Check: 8300
    • 2nd Check: 9400
  • Fourth Route
    • 1st Check: 10500
    • 2nd Check: 11500

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