Romance Superhero Game Super/Human Identity Now on Kickstarter

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Super/Human Identity is a dark superhero origin RPG/visual novel hybrid featuring action, romance and more

Super/Human Identity is coming to and Steam PC/Mac/Linux in February 2022!


Waking up with superpowers and no memory, five strangers find themselves in a struggle for survival and a search for answers. Pursued relentlessly, will their hardships bring them closer together or turn them against each other? And will everyone make it to the end?



Difficult Choices

As Subject 5, you will have to make decisions that affect the entire group. Choosing your every line of dialogue, you will – directly or indirectly down the line – determine their ultimate fates.

Dynamic Relationships

Everything you say and do will impact your companions’ feelings towards you, each other, and themselves. Any two characters may be rivals in one playthrough and friends in the next, leading to different conflicts and group dynamics every time.

Inclusive Romance

Regardless of Subject 5’s gender and orientation, you will have the option to pursue a romance with other characters. Whether sexual or emotional in nature, these relationships will feature prominently in the game.

Superhero Action

Think fast and find clever ways to use your powers on the environment to defeat your enemies.

Additonal Feature Informaion

  • Choose your avatar, pronoun and name as you develop your main character into who you want them to be with nuanced choices.
  • Influence each of your companions’ fates. Will they live or die? Who will they become if they survive?
  • Experience different group dynamics as a consequence of your choices. Any two characters can be friends or bitter enemies.
  • Romance one of 6 different characters – 3 male and 3 female – available for all genders.
  • Think fast and use your telekinetic powers on the environment to defeat enemies. Choose between 4 difficulty settings ranging from Narrative to Superhuman.
  • 7+ hours long, highly interactive, narrative gameplay. One story with vast variability.
  • Stylized, cel-shaded characters and backgrounds, with gorgeous painted CG artworks illustrating key story moments.
  • Epic, emotional, original soundtrack from composer Edwin Montgomery (Warhammer 40,000: Regicide, Wasteland Remastered, Ghost In The Shell, Neverwinter)

Kickstarter Details

This campaign ends October 1st 2021 with a funding goal of $7,000 with ten different reward tiers to choose from!

Rewards included in the tiers are

  • Wallpaper
  • A digital copy of the game
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Artbook
  • Digital Game Guide
  • Game Cameo
  • And More!

If you are interested in learning more about the campaign, please visit their page on Kickstarter!

A Note About Kickstarter

On Kickstarter, if a campaign does not hit its funding goals, nobody who back the campaign gets charged. You are only charged when it is successful. So, don’t hold back on pledging! Campaigns need backers to be successful!

About the Team

Rock A Role Games was founded in 2019 by Swedish geek couple Cecilia Lundberg and Jacob Veenhuizen. We both love storytelling in all forms of media, especially the interactive kind, and have a shared background in film making and writing. During our first year, we created the demo for our first game, Super/Human Identity. As a company, we are dedicated to bringing to life powerful stories with rich characters that represent the vast variety of people in this world.

Game: Super/Human Identity
Developer: Rock A Role Games
Genre: RPG/Visual Novel hybrid
Platforms: Available on Steam and Itch for Windows, MacOS, and Linux
Release: Feb 2022, demo available now
Kickstarter: Project Page
Twitter: @RockARoleGames
Facebook: Rock-A-Role-Games
Indiedb: rockarolegames

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