Steam Prison coming to Nintendo Switch in February 2021

by Vehura
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Originally released in 2019 on PC in English, the Switch release will include new content.

Hunex has announced that Steam Prison, which was initially released for PC by MangaGamer, will be getting a Nintendo Switch release on Februrary 25, 2021. It will have Japanese audio, with text in English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

This version is a port of the Playstation Vita version that has the additional route of Fin added. It will also include added content that will be exclusive to the Switch release:

  • New Switch Edition Opening Theme “Brillance”, with new video sequence, performed by the 6 dateable characters.
  • PC and PS Vita edition Opening Themes can be viewed from the Video Playback Mode
  • New Character Songs for Best Ends, with newly added closing credits
  • Short story “Wedding Eve” added in Novel Mode for immersive experience
  • New additional CG rewards after clearing the game!

The release will have physical release (Japan only) and a digital version. Price is set at 6900 Japanese Yen.

For more information about the game, please visit the official English website.

For information about the PC English release, read here.

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