Stream for February 3rd & 4th

by Vehura
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You were raised as one of Wengins Kingdom’s knights.
The Kingdom is destroyed one day by an invading kingdom.
Four knights, Baldrake, Alfredo, Saddam and Ketra, were killed in the attack.
An old sage appeared before you when you were at your wit’s end and tells you, “Use the Guiding Iron Armor to raise the four knights from the dead. That is the first step to reviving the kingdom.”
Just what is the Guiding Iron Armor?
Can you restore the kingdom to its former glory?

New year, same old Genius….

Live Stream is every Saturday (8pmCST~10pmCST) and Sunday (3pmCST~5pmCST)

The purpose of the stream is to introduce people to pay otome games as a demo/preview and never finish a game. In fact, I don’t even like finishing a route. Come see the game for its story, characters, and game mechanics, and, if you are enjoying it, please consider supporting otome by purchasing a copy of the game for yourself~!