Vehura Reviews – My Million Dollar Boyfriend: Cinderella TV

Arithmetic’s newest game might be for people who don’t like Arithmetic’s usually writing style Let’s just get this out of the way…

Those of you who have come to my site for a while might remember THE GREAT ARITHMETIC RAGE of 2015 that spilled into 2016. To say I have had an on-going falling out is an understatement. I’ve openly spouted my opinions about themes that I have seen repeated in their games that I personally do not like (and, it’s my site, I can opinion all I want).

So, when I received an email from them asking if I would be willing to review their newest game release on my site, it… was awkward. They know it was awkward. They also know that I’m going to give an honest opinion and they were very forth coming with that is what they want from me.

I was given 60 tickets, a handful of dolce raising items, as well as gacha tickets and a route switch item. I am telling you all this because it’s really important to be truthful about what I was given in exchange to review the game.

I went into this with as much of an open mind as I could despite all that I have said and experienced. Please, please don’t let this be what I’m expecting. Please…

Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t.

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Walkthrough – Cinderella TV – Leon Poker

Leon is a real-estate CEO with wealth, fame, and an ego. He has a bullish temper and pushy attitude, but can be kind if you give him a chance.


  • Melty: <165 Affection
  • Cinderella: 165 Affection
  • Premium: Need ??? Affection and Rare item from 7-Day Gacha?

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Note: If you see a comment after an answer that looks like this (-# at check) where # is a number (i.e. 3, 30, ect) this means that, when I reached a check, I needed to make up that number amount in order to pass the CG/Love Route. Remember to use your free daily spin the Terrace Gacha. And if you need to make up missing affection, you can purchase them in the Items store for 2500 Gold each!

Episode 1

Chapter 4

“Hang on.” (+5)
“Let go.”

Chapter 10

“I just picked him.” (+5)
“No reason in particular.”

Scenario 14 – CG Route (Need 10+ Affection to read)

Chapter 15

“It’s nothing.” (+5?)
“Can we leave?”

Scenario 15 – Cinderella Check ~ Need ??? Dolce

Episode 2

Chapter 5

“Thanks.” (+5?)

Scenario 5 – Avatar Mission
Premium: Pink Frilly Sandals (Charm +40) – 200 Platinum
Normal: Thick-Soled Sandals (Charm +20) – 100 Platinum/1000 Gold

Chapter 10

“What about Kevin?” (+5?)
“Where are we going?”

Chapter 14

Shake your head.
Nod. (+5?)

Episode 3

Chapter 2

Answer “Yes.” (+5?)

Scenario 5 – Love Route (Need 30+ Affection to read)

Chapter 6

Look at Leon. (+5)
Look at Lucio.

Scenario 10 – Cinderella Check ~ Need ??? Dolce

Chapter 15

“You can sit down.” (+5)
“It’s hard to cook like this.”

Episode 4

Chapter 4

“We’ll find it, right?” (+5)
“I don’t care.”

Chapter 9

“Of course n…” (+5)
Don’t answer.

4.10 Deleted Scenes★Leon – 150 Platinum

Chapter 14

(I want to talk to Leon.)
(Good.) (+5)

Episode 5

Chapter 5

“Leon!” (+5)

Chapter 8

Put your hand on his forehead. (+5)
Squeeze his hand.

Chapter 13

Wipe his forehead. (+5)
Put your hand on his cheek.

Scenario 15 – Avatar Mission
Premium: Pink Ribbon Boater (Charm +60) – 250 Platinum
Normal: Red Bag (Charm +30) – 125 Platinum/3000 Gold

Episode 6

Chapter 3

Look away. (+5)
Move away from him.

Chapter 7

Nod. (+5)
Just stare at him.

Chapter 14

“That is the truth.” (+5)

Episode 7

Chapter 5

“I trust you, too.” (+5)

Chapter 10

“Does Leon have a secret?” (+5)

Scenario 10 – Cinderella Check ~ Need ??? Dolce

Chapter 15

“I can’t wait.” (+5)

Episode 8

Scenario 1 – Love Route (Need 105+ Affection to read)

Chapter 5

“Calm down.”
“Are you all right?” (+5)

Chapter 8

“You’re amazing.” (+5)

Chapter 14

“I can’t wait.”
“This doesn’t feel real.” (+5)

Scenario 15 – CG Route (Need 120+ Affection to read)
Scenario 15 – Avatar Mission
Premium: Rosy Eyes (Charm +80) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Fresh Green Eyes (Charm +40) – 150 Platinum/7000 Gold

Episode 9

Chapter 1

Be honest. (+5)
Cover it up.

Chapter 6

“Good luck. (+5)
“Don’t fight again.”

Chapter 14

I guess they made up.
He’s so cool. (+5)

Episode 10

Chapter 5

“You worry too much.” (+5)
“Of course not.”

Chapter 7

“You’re so sweet.
“That’s just like you.” (+5)

10.10 Deleted Scenes★Leon – 150 Platinum

Chapter 12

“Maybe I will, too.”
“You don’t have to.” (+5)

Episode 11

Scenario 1 – Love Route (Need 150+ Affection to read)

Chapter 4

Yell at Kouki. (+5)
Glare at him.

Scenario 5 – Cinderella Check ~ Need 10000? Dolce

Chapter 7

Take his hand. (+5?)
Link arms.

Chapter 12

“That’s going a bit far.”
“Are you talking about me?” (+5?)

11.14 Deleted Scenes★Leon – 150 Platinum

Melty End

Melty.5 Deleted Scenes★Leon – 200 Platinum
Scenario 7 – Avatar Mission
Premium: Chiffon Pigtails (Charm +120) – 200 Platinum
Normal: Wavy Gold Tresses (Charm +60) – 200 Platinum/12000 Gold