Walkthrough – Hakuoki Kyoto Winds

Hakuoki is a historical fantasy visual novel where Chizuru, determined to find her father, is saved Shinsengumi while uncovering their dark secret.

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  • This game has both good and bad ends. You will be placed into a route at Chapter 5 depending on whomever you have the most Affection with (or don’t…) and then you have to continue to keep your affection up.
  • Not all choices will actually add up to making the sakura bud, but some will get you little interactions with the character who’s route you are on.
  • Important choices that matter towards affection will be marked with [Affection Up].
  • I will also make choices that will get you the most interaction with the love interest who’s route you are trying to get into!
  • If you think there is a choice better for a character route than the one I have listed, please comment and let me know so that I can look into it.

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Vehura Reviews – Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Limited Edition

Just in case you are not up-to-date on this massively popular otome series, the plot of Hakuoki is:

Chizuru Yukimura goes to Kyoto to attempt to find her father and, through a series of events, she ends up with the Shinsengumi. From there, and after revealing who she really is, she joins up with the men to help locate her father. And, at the same time, uncovers a dark secret the group are keeping as well as some secrets of her own.

Hakuoki is the grandpapa of otome internationally. Originally released in 2012 on the PSP, it help boost the otome landscape of what we have today. It’s a long game in its original form being 30~50 hours with six routes. It has spawn anime, stage plays, musicals, and many MANY versions of the game.

Are we all caught up? Good.

Once Kyoto Winds (the upgraded version of the original PSP) was announced, I spent December playing the original game on my stream to build hype for Kyoto Winds and we had a blast! After the stream, many people told me they were very excited for the new version of the game that was adding sixlove interests and expanding the shorter romance routes.

Then there is the merch.

When the Limited Edition was announced I was like a puppy who had seen its favorite toy. Bento Box? Sign me up! Furoshiki? I will be the most beautiful weeb-bushka! Artbook? OMG, are you trying to make me cry?! Soundtrack? I’m gonna take epic roadtrips! Reversible Cover Sleeve? When I get tired at looking at these handsomes, now I will look at these other handsomes!

So, when I was contacted by Idea Factory International to be sent a review copy of the Limited Edition, I was floored. Yes, a thousand times, yes.

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