Looking for Ikemen Series Merch Trades

I have some new items and as much as I would love to run an otome good shop, I don’t have the time nor the money backing to do so.

I’m looking for trades ONLY at this time.

You will see an image of the items I have and then a list of what I am looking for. If you see images that have hearts over them, those are items I have either already traded or are not up to trade.

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Vehura Reviews – Ikemen Sengoku: Romances Across Time

The third game release by CYBIRD Inc, I knew of this game’s popularity even before its release in English. It’s getting a port of Playstation Vita, it had stage plays, collaborations, there was an anime coming. Basically, in the two years the game had been out, it had BLOWN UP to become one of CYBIRD’s most popular properties. So, when they finally announced that we were getting the game in English, I was ready to see what the fuss was about.

At the same time, I was cautious. I didn’t want to hype up the game too much in my mind. There are many games that are really popular that I have played only to be disappointed with the game overall whether is be in writing, gameplay, main character, ect. So, I wanted to go into this game not expecting much at all and have it do the work to convince me that it deserves to be thought of as a great game.

And hoooo boi, has it convinced me.

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