Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger – Ray Route – Fifth Day Chats

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  • Please provide OUTGOING calls for V and Ray ONLY I don’t need calls for any other characters.
  • If you are going to be commenting, remember to use the spoiler code AND to comment on relative days. i.e. Don’t post a comment about something that happens on Day 8 on Day 5 because people reading on the Day 5 might think your comment is about Day 5 and then are spoiled when they read your comment about Day 8.
  • If you see someone posting spoilers without using the spoiler code and/or on the wrong day, please flag their comment for me to review later.
  • I will NOT be reading comments until I am finished with the route.
  • When I am finished with the route, I will come back and go through flagged comments. If you are continually being flagged for spoilers, and not using the spoiler code, I may place you in commenting timeout for a week.
  • Please follow these rules and be respectful for your fellow players.

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