Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger – Valentine’s Day After Ends

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  • 20 HourGlass per AE (5 total, 100HG)
  • You must have already done a character’s Good End in the Main Story in order to unlock their VDay After Ending. I’m not quite sure if having purchased their Main Story AE is also a requirement or not.
  • Endings:
    • Zen, Jaehee, Yoosung, Jumin: One
    • 707: Two
  • New CGs
    • Jumin: Two
    • Zen: Two Three (was added with AS was added into the game)
    • 707: Two
    • Yoosung: Three
    • Jaehee: Three
    • Common: Three

Walkthroughs for Seven Under Cut

Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin

These routes is straight forward and easy to get all of their CGs. If you are having an issue, then I can add my choices here.


707 has two endings. These are the choices that must be made in order to get each ending. The other choices do not seem to matter.

White Chocolate End choices:

  • We’re both very happy and well.
  • We’re doing perfectly well.
  • Yes, I am so happy and excited everyday when I’m with him.
  • I want to do something for Saeyoung.
  • (Take a bite of the chocolate.)

Dark Chocolate End choices:

  • Saeyoung and I know the deepest and most secret parts of each other.
  • We want each other all the time, so strongly…
  • He’s nice, but to be honest, I’d like him to be more rough at times.
  • I want Saeyoung to be sexy and provocative.
  • (Lick the chocolate.)

Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger 1st~4th Day – Yoosung Choices

This walkthrough is for those who are having a hard time getting into a character route. I would recommend at least trying to do it once before using this.

All FOUR days are here because splitting the guide up into individual posts is dumb.

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Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger – Yoosung Interactions

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  • (General) If you are going to call anyone back, call back Yoosung. Just to make sure you have as many interactions with him as possible.
  • Easy catch. Just be nice to him. If someone is bullying him *cough*seven*cough* don’t sit back and let it happen.
  • A little flirt goes a loooooong way. Seriously, it’s not that hard to get on his good side.
  • Take interest in his hobbies. Especially the gaming. 😉
  • You are you and not anyone else. Do not let him blur the lines.

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