Get Taisho x Alice Episode 2 10% Off During First Week of Release

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Taisho x Alice episode 2 has been released one month earlier than it originally teased

Back in July, publisher pencil announced that Taisho x Alice’s second episode, a series where you play as Yurika and then you save Prince Charming, was going to be released in October. However, September 12th, the released a tweet stating that it was going to be released one week from then instead, catching almost everyone completely off guard.

This episode’s love interests are Kaguya and Gretel.

Kaguya Plot

ONCE UPON A TIME, a dramatic breakup unfolds at the cafe where you work.
Everyone is scandalized—but then the guy turns to you and says, “Fancy going out with me?” So obviously, you say yes!
His name is Kaguya, and he’s your new boyfriend. He’s everything you could possibly want: sweet, caring, and… HOMELESS?! Day 1 of the relationship, and you’re already living together!
Where will it go from here?!

Gretel Plot

ONCE UPON A TIME, you awaken to find yourself in a strange, unfamiliar log cabin.
But don’t worry! Here you have food, clothing, and everything else you need to survive. Only one small problem: you’re tied up on the bed…
“We’re going to live here from now on, where it’s safe.”
So begins a life of confinement with your younger brother Gretel.
What inspired him to take you captive?
What is his true objective? And can you make it out alive?!

Molly Lee, the translator for the game series, has also come out on twitter to give content warnings for the game including self-harm and attempted rape, which she then clarified is not performed by a love interest. She also expressed that the game does get darker with each proceeding episode release.

Not only is this episode cheaper than the first one ($19.99 compared to $24.99), a complaint some had due to equating price with play time, but if you purchase it by September 24th, you will get an additional 10% off. This makes the price of the episode $17.99.

If you haven’t played Episode 1, you can pick up a copy on Steam for 30% off until September 24th.

Official Links

Official Website (Japanese)
Official Twitter (Japanese/English)
Official Youtube (Japanese)

Note: While there are no English sites associated with this release.

Game: Taisho x Alice Episode 2
Release Date: September 17, 2020
System: PC / Download Only
Price: $19.99
Text Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese
Audio: Japanese
Shop Page:

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