Taisho x Alice is Getting a Steam Release

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Fairytale otome Taisho x Alice is getting a November Steam fully voiced in Japanese. Episode 1 features love interests Cinderella and Red Riding Hood.

This release of Taisho x Alice is being done by pencil, Primula’s parent company and includes a new translation and is not associated with the version that came out in 2017.

The release date on the Steam Page has been announced for November 28, 2019. The game will be fully voiced in Japanese, and have English and Simplified Chinese subtitles.


Once upon a time, in a topsy-turvy world…

In the beginning, you find yourself lost within a world of utter darkness. Your memories are gone; even your name is a mystery.

But just when the bitter loneliness threatens to break your spirit, you meet Alice—a blond-haired, blue-eyed young man who promptly christens you “Arisu.”

Like you, Alice cannot remember anything beyond his own name. Ignoring his protests, you drag him along with you through the darkness… until you happen upon a massive mirror made of crystal.

You stumble through the glass and into the Looking-Glass World, an antiquated fairytale dreamscape that feels oddly familiar…
There, amid a colorful cast of gender-swapped fairytale characters, you take on the role of the heroine and join them in their twisted tales.

How will the story end? It’s up to you!

Episode 1 features two love interests: Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. Other characters have routes in other episodes.

Fully Voiced Japanese Cast

CINDERELLA — Daisuke Hirakawa
RED RIDING HOOD — Tomoaki Maeno
KAGUYA — Toshiki Masuda
GRETEL — Takuya Eguchi
SNOW WHITE — Syouta Aoi
WIZARD — Wataru Hatano
ALICE — Yoshitugu Matsuoka
WOLF — Natsuki Hanae
HUNTSMAN — Tomohisa Hashizume

Official Links

Official Website (Japanese)
Official Twitter (Japanese)
Official Youtube (Japanese)

Note: While there are no English sites associated with this release.

Game: Taisho x Alice Episode 1
Release Date: November 28, 2019
System: PC / Download Only
Price: Unknown
Text Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese
Audio: Japanese
Shop Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1056570/

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