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Genshin Impact creator miHoYo’s First Romance Detective Game Kicks Off Its Global Closed Beta Registration

Featuring stunning visual art style and intriguing story, Tears of Themis highlights its’ adventure with romance and wits. The player takes on the role of the female lawyer, who persists on with truth and moral justice when breaking down cases brought to her through Themis Law firm and other encounters. Through questioning witnesses and suspects, conducting investigations on locations, and examining pieces of evidence, the player heads to court for legal battles and brings justice and peace back to the city.

The player’s legal journey is accompanied by four main male characters including Luke Pearce, Marius von Hagen, Vyn Richter, and Arten Wing, who all have their own respective identity, personality, skills, and background. When conducting investigations and solving puzzles with support and assistance from the four characters, the player cultivates relationships and grows with these characters through all kinds of missions. The goal is not only to unveil the secrets of Stellis city but also to learn about their stories and build special connections with the one the player prefers to lean on.


Stellis, a city that rose from the clash of civilizations. Modern tech has given it its radiant neon lights but also cast long shadows of obscurity. Lately, there has been an abnormal increase in the number of mental illness cases as well as incidents that threaten Stellis’ social security.Many gentle and good people of Stellis have somehow grown violent and volatile.
These incidents may have been recorded, but they are often drowned out in a flood of data.

Yet someone took notice of them and compiled them for detailed analysis…

Codenamed “X-NOTE”, the project aims to peel away layers of obscuring data and reveal the hidden truth beneath.
When all is put on the scales of the law before Lady Justice, you will be the one to weigh their crimes in the balance.



  • Traverse in Stellis City’s Vivid Live Artwork/CG Settings and Characters
  • Pursue Mysterious and Complicated Court Cases and Plotlines
  • Collect Evidences with Detail Oriented Investigation Gameplay
  • Nurture Exquisite Personal Relationships with Four Male Characters

As a new attorney at law, how will you solve a series of mysterious cases? Which of the four unique male leads is your destiny?

Game Trailer


Closed Beta

Tears of Themis opens its initial global Beta Test registration on its’ official website from April 19th to May 6th, 2021. Closed Beta will begin on May 8th. In a closed beta test, you can test out the game play and let the developers know if you run into any issues as you play. These are confidential and you are not allowed to share (i.e. leak) information out to people who are not in the beta test. If you wish to beta test the game, you can go here:

About miHoYo

“Tech Otakus Save the World!” Founded in Shanghai in 2012, miHoYo dedicates itself to being a leader in the interactive entertainment industry, with creative content covering games, manga, novels, and more, striving for perfection in all it delivers. miHoYo endeavors to bring its vision to the players of the world, and create a lasting and supportive community. You may know them from the games Honkai Impact 3rd and the well-received global hit Genshin Impact.

Game: Tears of Themis
Release Date: 2021
Developer: miHoYo
System: iOS and Google Play
Price: Free to Play
Text Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean
Audio: Chinese, Japanese and Korean
Official Website:
Official Twitter: @TearsofThemisEN
Official Instagram: tearsofthemis_en
Official Facebook: tearsofthemis.glb

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