Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Has Big Things Coming to the Game in April

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On March 23rd, 2019, KLab had a Stage Show at Anime Japan for Utano☆Princesama Shining Live where they teased upcoming photoshoots as well as other things coming to the game.

Takuma Terashima, voice of Otoya Ittoki, was brought in as the guest and, along with the MC (that’s the master of ceremonies), they discussed the game’s (Japanese) release a year and a half ago and gave a brief outline of the stage events. At the end of this I will post the live stream link, with English commentary, if you wish to watch it.

As with stages before, Terashima did a live demo of a song that also served as a way for him to get photo shoots for the players in the game. The first song he played was a ST☆RISH song titled “Ultra Blast” from the upcoming movie, Utano☆Princesama Maji Love Kingdom. For the event, a special beatmap was created for this song as it is not in the game at this time.

In a power move, Terashima went in on Pro. The beatmap looked ​very ​difficult, but also fun. After showing off the song, he was then allowed to play “Nijiiro ☆ Over Drive!” where, for every 100 combo he would gain one day of free 11-Shot Photo Shoots for players. Terashima got a 362 combo, gaining the players three days of 11-Shots!

Images provided by KLab

There was then an overview of the past in the game from the addition of Collection Events, the Bonus Point Photo Shoot, and Monthly Missions. It was revealed that there are currently 461 photos in the game now and then they looked at some of the photos that have come out in the game.

But they weren’t done giving out player 11-Shot presents just yet. Later in the event, Terashima was told they had three challenges for him that, if he cleared them, each challenge would award players another day of an 11-Shot for a total of three possible days.

In “Shining Live Mania,” Terashima had to guess what was missing from the photo presented. The second game, “Shining Live Gesture Game,” Terashima listened to a Shining Live song on headphones and then he’d have to gesture the song and the audience had to guess the song. The final was called “Shining Live Memory Game,” where Terashima had to match a photo’s regular shot with its another shot with an additional component of needing to identify a song based on its opening notes in order to turn over two cards.

He passed all three of these games for a total of six days of one free 11-Shot Photo Shoot a day. He was also given a prize of macarons with images from the memory game he played on them.

Images provided by KLab

During the latest news portion, they went over the photo shoot and event currently happening. Then they announced the AnimeJapan commemorative step-up gacha. First step is guaranteed 5 SRs, second step is guaranteed 7 SRs and a UR rate of 3%, and on the third step, you will be
guaranteed a UR and the UR rate will be 4%.

They talked about the survey that caused some of the more recent changes in the game, i.e. more ways to change note speed, changing event borders from a percentage to a number, a non-prism based photo shoot, and one guaranteed banner card in an 11-Shot. Then there was more feedback that was shown and they discussed a few things on the list. Two upcoming
photo shoots were teased.

The first is called Cool & Pop Animals, which will be released on March 31st. It has an UR Otoya who looks very dog like suggesting that the idols will be dressed up to look like animals.

The second was a photo shoot based on Setsugetsuka called “Setsugetsuka -I remember you-.” It will have the characters dressed up in their outfits from the song’s video. There isn’t an official graphic yet, but they showed off Otoya’s sprite in the outfit.

The bigger announcement (how is that possible?) is that there will be a big update to the game at the end of April. They encouraged everyone to check mid-April for details. It was teased that at least one of the items on the feedback list that was shown early will happen. On the list are old events coming back. Terashima-san commented that he thought that was a good one to do. The Uta☆Pri movie is being released in June and there will be special events for the release included in the game.

image from the official Twitter

And thus the event was concluded. A lot of things to look forward to in the game! Thank you, KLab for providing English commentary for this event!

You can download Utano☆Princesama Shining Live on iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play store).

Live Stream with English Commentary

Please note that the live show video may not be up forever.


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