Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Releases Limited Event “Dreamy Aquarium”

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Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Mobile Rhythm Game by KLab Games and SAOTOME GAKUEN’s newest event features UR Ai and SR Natsuki.

Event Plot

Ai and Natsuki are working PR for an aquarium. After experiencing its beauty on location, they attempt to bring those fantastic visuals out in a photo shoot.

New Feature – Crowd-Pleaser

These songs grant a greater amount of Event Points and Collection Points. Crowd-Pleasers change between the first and second half of an event and cost LP to play, just like any other song.

First Half (Until March 9th 8:59pm CST)

Tirangle Beat
Haru Hana
The New World

Second Half (Until March 12th 11:59pm CST)

Quartet Night
Innocent Wind
Andromeda de Kuchizuke O


Idols Appearing in the Event

Ai Mikaze
Natuski Shinomiya

How To Play Basics

Collect Event Points and Collection Points by clearing songs. Earn Event Points to unlock items in the event Exchange that can then be traded for Collection Points. Event Points also count towards your event ranking.

There is no real set list in a collection event. Play any songs you like in order to get points. There is a single song that is for the event that you will have to exchange Collection Points for passes to play this song. It will give out phenomenally more points than any other song that you play.

Dance-type Performance is doubled for songs that you play during this event. Use Photos with a high Dance Performance to boost your scores.

There are also event missions that, upon completion will give you more Collection Points to exchange for items. These missions can be found under the Event tab on the Missions list.

Special Event Schedule

March 6 to March 12.
Please check your game for times.

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