Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Releases Limited Event “Picture-Perfect: City Trip”

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Mobile Rhythm Game by KLab Games and SAOTOME GAKUEN is newest event features UR Masato and SR Natsuki.

Event Plot

“Picture-Perfect” is a segment where tow teams are dispatched to contrasting tourist sports and compete to see which team can take the best photo to represent their location.

The condition for victory is snapping a shot that fills the viewer with a desire to visit the location it was taken.

Masato and Natsuki find themselves in the city. What kind of shots will they take?!


Event Set List

Amazing Love
Eien no Tristar
Mirai Chizu
I Swear…
Top Star Revolution
Knight no Kiss wa Yuki Yori Yasashiku (ALT)


This event contains an “Alternative Arrangement” or “Alt.” These are already released songs that are limited to the event had completely different beatmaps or arrangements. Not all songs will have an Alt and all difficulty levels have Alts.

This event’s Alt: Knight no Kiss wa Yuki Yori Yasashiku

How To Play Basics

Collect Event Points by playing live show songs in the event’s set list. You’ll earn rewards based on the number of points you earn.

Dance-type Performance is doubled for songs in the set list. Use Photos with a high Dance Performance to boost your scores.

Special Event Schedule

September 5 to September 11.
Please check your game for times.

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