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Now, some of you are going to say, but isn’t this one of your favorite games? Damn right it is! But, if I’m going to review anything, it’s going to be the games that people ask me over and over what are my favorites


The main character is getting together with some old college buddies at Ikedaya a pub in Kyoto, Japan. She runs into a college friend, Kyo Shinomiya, at the entrance. Someone passes by her knocking over her bag and as she and Kyo pick up the things inside, she notices a letter on the ground. Upon picking it up, she is overcome with dizziness and both her and Kyo are transported back to 1864. There they meet some of the famed members of the Imperialists (a group of political activists) and the Shinsengumi (the special police force organized by the military government).

Forewarning: the game has yet to tell us what exactly happened other than

So, if you are coming into this game with the hopes of finding out the mystery of what the eff happened, just sit back and enjoy the story. lol


Shinsengumi: Isami Kondo, Susumu Yamazaki, Kyo Shinomiya (becomes a stand in for Todo Heisuke), Hajime Saito, Soji Okita, Toshizo Hijikata)

Or as I like to call them

  • You never get to romance him in games with the shinsengumi almost ever
  • Blushes at the drop of the bandana
  • who da fuk are you 4 reals
  • Handsome cyclops
  • Serious but sessy

Imperialists: Ryoma Sakamoto, Shinsaku Takasugi, Kogoro Katsura, Toshimichi Okubo


  • HUSBAND #2 (also a cold jerk)
  • Gentlemen
  • Bookworm

Other characters: Haru-akira, Yukio Shinonome, Yoshinobu Tokugawa (goes by Keiki)


  • GOD DAMM you have nice hair
  • Pretending to be gay so women won’t freak
  • he ok tho

Game Play

This game is pretty easy to play and is set up like most otome games. Every day you are given five tickets to read part one of each chapter. You also will need to go on Tea Time (the game’s battle system) in order to collect grace and gold to pass checks while you are in route.

The game has events about once a month, so it is easily manageable as part of your daily games to play. Like CYBIRD’s other game, Midnight Cinderella, story events are easy to finish without spending money, but, if you want early clear items, you will probably have to invest in the game some.

The game currently has eight out of twelve love interests available. Recently CYBIRD Japan announced another four love interests into the game including the game’s antagonist whom I will let you find out who that is on your own. He’s SUUUPER easy to spot. lol

What do I like about this game?

CYBIRD is amazing in several ways, but their MC’s are amazing. They are not doormats. They are proactive, plucky, and comfortable being intimate. The game itself is more along the mature side. When the MC and the love interest are finally willing to admit their feeling for each other, they will take it to the next level. (CYBIRD is boss at writing foreplay). I have yet to meet a love interest who is a total piece of shit and they are very respectful of the MC in many ways.

Basically, CYBIRD is going to ruin your otome experience because you’ll be comparing every MC and all love interests to their games.

Other pluses

  • Nice art
  • Music
  • Original backgrounds
  • More mature event stories

I’ll be honest, CYBIRD’s games get all my money recently. I have no issues throwing down for things in their games, that how much I really really enjoy their games.

With that said…

A few things that do frustrate me

  • Three CGs per route (one at the beginning of the story and one in each ending) Don’t get me wrong, they are really REALLY nice CGs. I just wish there were more. But, I’m willing to let it slide because I find the stories so enjoyable.
  • Grab Bags Galore! CYBIRD constantly has grab bags going which you spend tokens on to win stories and avatars. I just find them a bit overwhelming at times and have had to learn to just let them go. THOUGH I really want all things Ryoma and Shin. OTL

That’s it. Really. I think if you are wanting to try something else, especially if you are on the Mystic Messenger train and want to branch out, DtL might be something to check out!

Pictured: the reason I will fight you

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