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This game is Cybird’s first English otome game. It came out at the end of 2014 and I really wanted to play it at the time, but was already playing too many games so I put it on hold to pick up at a later date.

That was a mistake.


Story – You are now a princess. Congrats! The country of Wysteria needs a new princess and, if it is to believed, it is given to you even though you were late and you ran around like a crazy person. Besides learning how to rule a country and how to be the perfect princess full of grace, you are also tasked with finding a prince-consort, a man who will become your prince who you eventually marry. That’s right, you get to decide.

This is a lot to take in, but you were formerly a tutor, so you can take a lot in. When you are needed to, you make tough decisions and put your foot down. There are characters who feel like they know better than you, but they never really feel like they are mansplianing to you. You are treated pretty respectfully which is pretty shocking for the state of a lot of the otome games I play. The MC is also very comfortable with getting close to someone. She doesn’t turn into a bumbling mess like 90% of MCs. She’s really a breathe of fresh air.

Love Interest – Excuse me, sirs, how dare you. So far the game has six love interests out all with very different personalities. I have yet to meet a character I don’t like… though I will admit, Nico makes me narrow my eyes a lot because he’s super sketchy. They all have jobs revolving around the castle or a castle (one of them is a young king of your rival country). So, there is a REASON for them to be there. They work there. There isn’t an overly pushy person when you aren’t in there routes. They might flirt with you a bit, but they know when to stop and not push it too far.

The only thing I am missing is more women. Get me some lady friends, otome games.

Art – Gorgeous. Everyone is well portioned. They all look different. Do you know how often I am plagued by same face syndrome in otome games? There are some games where it’s the same damn face but with different hair. These characters were designed!


Reading the story – Your standard otome game stuff. Every day, you are given 5 chapter tickets to read the story. There are 10 chapters per part as well as Avatar Checks and Grace Checks.

Lessons – Be the best Princess! Going on Princess lessons raises your charm, get you Bells (game’s version of money), and if you win five times in a row, points for your gacha. Pick your favorite suitor and, if you win, you’ll get a message from him that changes depending on random chance and if you did your five in a row.

Gacha – Put together a puzzle! Called the ‘Garden Gacha,’ you actually pick a puzzle piece. These pieces have things attached to them like, Bells and, in the case of the special pieces, garden avatars and stories. These stories are POVs from the suitor who’s route you are in and actually are a POV from him at some part in your story. If you win multiple pieces, it’s not a big deal. They also have Bell value attached to them and you can sell them (minue one because you need it for the puzzle.

If you light up enough heart gauges in the game, you will unlock a secret gacha with even more items on it!

Other things that are amazing

Events – You can easily do this. Tired of spending money and tearing your hair out to complete an event. You want to be playing MidnightC’s. They are pretty easy to complete and last about two week which is more than enough time of just casually playing to finish.

Side Stories – THANK YOU FOR ORGANIZING THIS. There is a menu for the side stories you have collected while playing the game. They are organized BY SUITOR and then further organized from there for easy access.

Drawbacks, I have one

Only one CG per route. You get it without passing a check, but that’s about it. Like I have said, the CGs are gorgeous, but there is only one. They do have random events where, upon buying the story, you can also get a CG.

That’s it really! If you are wanting a game that’s a bit different, with an MC who is fairly strong-willed and not shy to sh

ow her emotions, I highly suggest giving this game a chance. Their other game Destined to Love is also, so far, pretty great too!

Please visit Midnight Cinderella’s Game Page for all walkthroughs and more information!

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