Vehura Reviews – Mini? Review – Gossip Girl Party by Voltage

by Vehura


I’ll come out and say it, games when the MC is in High School are not my games. I have already done HS, a while ago in fact, and it was not the best years of my life and I don’t really want to go back.

Story – welcome to asshole New York! I’m not very far in, but the story plays like you are living in the TV series. And If you haven’t watched the TV series, it’s about rich asshole high schoolers being assholes to each other. LOL Here you get about the same. Blair’s antics to assert her position in the school. Serena trying her best to be a good girl. Chuck being… well, Chuck.

This game is very true to the TV series it is based off of. So far, the game leans heavily on trying make you feel like you are a background character that could have existed in the TV which is pretty neat.

It’s also very very American.

If you are looking for a game with a Japanese MC and Japanese characters, you aren’t going to like this game right off. The MC is very opinionated and straight up says the first thing that comes to her mind. It’s like playing Be My Princess where mostly everyone is either a Keith, Joshua, or Wilfred.

And then you have your love interests. These guys aren’t in the TV show, but they all have personalities that you’d see in your typical otome game. I’m really only reading Izaac, but he’s the oresama/jerk. Shocker.

Art – I love it. It’s so different from what Voltage’s characters usually look like. That’s all thanks to using Kurahana, who is known mostly for doing character designs for Uta no Prince-sama. If you had shown this to me blind and told me it was a Voltage game, I wouldn’t believe you.

Style – it’s half the battle. The game is very heavy on fashion. Your battle/lessons area is a screen with platforms where people come to you and you dress them up using clothes from your closet or your friend’s closets. It can take a while to get it to go and isn’t very nice to people like me who like to fly through the lessons. You can get someone asking for something as little as one piece of clothing up to three. And the further you get on the “walk” the more picky your clients become.

Oh, hopefully you or a friend wins some outerwear, because you aren’t going to get very far without one.

Game User Interface – This looks familiar… If you have played Sleepless Cinderella, you’ll notice right away that the GUI is familiar. It has lots of buttons, lots of places to look at. Some stuff that I still find a bit glitchy. Like, on the home screen, did you know you can tap the character (you or your love interest) and get info on your game status? Yeah, I have found the only way I can get to it is by schooling down so more of the character is showing that the tapping in the middle. Otherwise it’s impossible for me to do.

Conclusion – Why? I’m still a little confused on why out of all the other social games, Voltage chose Gossip Girl to bring over. Honestly, it’s good for me, because I have a short list of their social games that would cause me to have to quit one of their games I’m already playing in order to give it attention. Maybe they are trying to see if they can capture a younger demographic? I don’t know.

That’s really all I have to say for now. I plan on playing just the main stories and posting A/B walkthroughs for events once they start. For those of you playing this game and wanting to play events, it’ll be up to you all to fill out and check my answers.



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