Walkthrough – Bakumatsu Shinsengumi – Isami Kondo

by Vehura
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  • Normal Ending: < 425 Favoribility
  • Happy Ending: 425+ Favoribility

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Chapter 1

Scenario 2

It’s nothing. (+0)
It’s unusual. (+0)
It’s cool. (+2)

Scenario 6

I would like to go. (+28)
Are you sure? (+30)
I decline.

Scenario 13

I’m fine. (+13)
I’m just a little tired. (+13)
I’m not accustomed.

Scenario 15 – Love Mode (Need ??? favoribility to proceed )

Chapter 2

Scenario 4

Maybe that’s common. (+43)
I stopping thinking. (+45)
I can’t imagine.

Scenario 8

All of these are +0…
Check for Kondo’s reaction.
Think of an excuse.
Apologize to Hijikata.

Scenario 13

All of these are +0…
Avoid Kondo’s hand.
Grab Kondo’s hand.
I faced away.

Scenario 14 – Love Mode (Need ??? favoribility to proceed )

Chapter 3

Scenario 3

All of these are +0…
Doesn’t he have to go after?
Please don’t worry about me and go after him.
Don’t you have to go after him?

CG in Scenario 6. NO CHECK TO VEIW IT!

Scenario 9

I’ll be fine. (+28)
Mr. Hijikata is right about this. (+28)
I can’t cause you trouble… (+30)

Scenario 13

I looked toward Kondo. (+13)
I’m keep silent. (+15)
I’m sorry. (+13)

Scenario 15 – Love Mode (Need ??? favoribility to proceed )

Chapter 4

Scenario 3

Thank you for everything. (+13)
I saw him go in silence. (+15)
Please take care. (+20)

Scenario 10

All of these are +0…
You’re right…
My body moved before thinking.
I probably interrupted you…

Scenario 14

All of these are +0…
I hid my hand.
It’s fine.
I couldn’t tie it well.

Chapter 5

Charm Check – Need 240+ CHARM to continue.

Scenario 4

All of these are +0…
I didn’t answer.
I said it has nothing to do with you…

Scenario 8 – Love Mode (Need 351+ CHARM)

Scenario 10

I’m embarrassed. (+50)
Why did you! (+40)
I couldn’t say anything.

Scenario 12

I thought you’re kinda cute. (+55)
It’s a secret.
I was thinking you’re close. (+65)

Chapter 6

Scenario 1 Charm Check – Need 380+ CHARM to continue.

Scenario 3

All of these are +0…
I’m not familiar with this place.
Mr. Kondo’s favorite place.
Anywhere would be fine.

CG in Scenario 5. NO CHECK TO VEIW IT!

Scenario 6 Love Mode (Need 501+ CHARM)

Scenario 7

All of these are +0…
Do you want to throw them away?
Should I hide them?
What should we do?

Scenario 11

I’m a little worried… (+0)
Is everything okay? (+0)
No, it’s nothing.

Chapter 7

Scenario 1 Love Mode (Need 510+ CHARM)

Scenario 5

All of these are +0…
I kept quiet.
Please help him by all means.
Aren’t there any other way?

Scenario 7 Love Mode (Need 651+ CHARM)

Scenario 10

All of these are +0…
I don’t know.
I couldn’t answer.
I shake my head.

Scenario 14

I’ll be fine.
I’m anxious… (+55)
I’ll miss you. (+60)

Chapter 8

Scenario 1 Love Mode (Need 760+ CHARM)

Scenario 3

I smoothed down Kondo’s hair. (+40)
I touched Kondo’s cheek. (+45)
I clasped his hand. (+52?)

Scenario 10

All of these are +0…
Then, I’ll watch you from here.
No, please return.
I’m worried.

Scenario 12

Oh yes, I recall… (+20)
I wouldn’t do it to anyone but you, Isami. (+25)
I’m sorry… (+15)

Scenario 15 Love Mode (Need 801+ CHARM)

Chapter 9

Scenario 1 Love Mode (Need 920+ CHARM)

Scenario 2

All of these are +0…
If I can be any help to you…
If Isami wishes…
I’m going.

Scenario 7

I pray for your fortune of war. (+20)
Please return safe. (+15)
Please be careful. (+25)

Scenario 13

I don’t have any anxious feeling.
Do I look anxious? (+25)
It’s not a big deal. (+20)

Scenario 14 Love Mode (Need 1001+ CHARM)

Chapter 10

End of game. There are 15 end scenarios followed by a Book of Truth for 800 platinum.

Re: The Good End Book – If you do not like ambiguous endings, you are going to feel like you wasted your money. The Book does save as 12.1 (True Story) when you are done reading it.

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