Walkthrough – Be My Princess Party – Joshua Lieben

by Vehura


  • Normal End – < 100 Chemistry
  • Secret Normal End – <100 Chemistry & 72000 Royal Factors
  • Happy End – 100 Chemistry
  • Secret Happy End – 100 Chemistry & 72000 Royal Factors

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Episode 1

Tell him why you’re here.
Show him the letter.

Thank you very much!

Episode 2

Say something.
Say nothing.

Talk to Prince Joshua.
Talk to Jan.

Mission – 3000 Royal Factors

Episode 3

I’ll pay it!
How much is it?

Does my dress look strange?
Is there something wrong?

Episode 4

Ask him which animals.
Wonder about it but don’t ask.

Go and see what happened.
Assume you imagined it.


Episode 5

Burst out laughing.
Say thanks, but no thanks.

What’s the matter?
Ask him about his childhood.

Sweet Route: Mocha Ribbon Dress Set (3 Gems)
Normal Route: Velvet Clutch (2000 Cruz)

Episode 6

Turn back.
Wait there.

Watch him quietly.
Talk to him about it.

Episode 7

Stand your ground.
Try to leave.

I couldn’t sleep.

Mission – 24000 Royal Factors

Episode 8

Ask his favorite flower.
Ask about the language of flowers.

Get embarrassed and go back to your room.

MissionSweet Route: City of Flowers Dress Set (6 Gems)
Normal Route: Lace-up Boots (6000 Cruz)

Episode 9

Ask Jan.
Want, but resist temptation.

Offer to sleep in a sleeping bag
Offer to sleep in a different lodge.

Episode 10

Thank you.
Maybe you shouldn’t come.

I’m sorry, you’ve mistaken us.
Please don’t tell anybody we were here.

Mission – 43000 Royal Factors

Episode 11

Tell him that those are outfits for the royal couple.
Close the door in embarrassment

It’s a shop selling beer.
It’s a shop selling sausages.

Episode 12

I’m sorry, it’s too sudden.
I’m sorry, I’m not ready.

Answer it in shock.
Hang up in shock.

Sweet Route: Pink Pinstripe Dress Set (10 Gems)
Normal Route: Dazzling Drop Earrings (12000 Cruz)

Episode 13

Call his cell phone.
Go to the manor gate.

It wasn’t your fault.
Please don’t apologize.

Episode 14

Call your parents.
Call Naomi.

Chase after him.
Don’t chase after him.

Once you finish Episode 14, you will, be brought to a screen to choose the Happy or Normal Ending. Click through whatever ending you choose to see the requirements for the Regular and Secret versions of those ending.


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