Walkthrough – Be My Princess Party – Keith Alford

by Vehura
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  • Normal End – < 100 Chemistry
  • Secret Normal End – <100 Chemistry & 72000 Royal Factors
  • Happy End – 100 Chemistry
  • Secret Happy End – 100 Chemistry & 72000 Royal Factors

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Episode 1

I want to give it a try.
I still want to work for you.

Approach the two men.
Head after Prince Keith.

Episode 2

Try speaking to Prince Keith.
Just apologize.

Try to get free.
Ask him to let go.

Mission – 3000 Royal Factors

Episode 3

I was not afraid.
What’s wrong with that?

Grab Luke by the arm.
Grab Prince Keith by the arm.

Episode 4

You did this for me?
Why did you bring me here?

Return the cloth to where it came from.
Buy the cloth anyway.

Episode 5

Run away.
Greet him normally.

I can’t do that!
You’re joking, right?

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Strapless Dress Set (3 Gems)
Normal Route: Black Rose Pumps (1 Gem/2000 Cruz)

Episode 6

Leave the crowd.
Hide behind Prince Keith.

Bandage your feet yourself.
Have Luke take care of it.

Episode 7

Totally fine!
Are you worrying about me?

That’s right. Shall we get started?
Is that a problem?

Mission – ????? Royal Factors

Episode 8

Take her back to the dorm.
Ask her where she lives.

N-No way!

Episode 9

You’ve misunderstood something!
How did you know…?

Listen to him now.
Listen to him tomorrow.

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Purple Sundress Set (6 Gems)
Normal Route: Straw Hat with Flowers (3 Gem/6000 Cruz)

Episode 10

Stumble into a hole
Caught by a vine

What are you talking about?
You knew that she was faking?

Mission – 43000+ Royal Factors

Episode 11

Return to your room
Look for Luke

Same to you!
Amusing, my ass!

Episode 12

Don’t push away
What are you doing?

Please don’t apologize
Please cheer up.

Episode 13

Has something happened?
What about Prince Keith?

Grab his hand.
Wrap your arms around him?

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Celebrity Style Set (10 Gems)
Normal Route: Stylish Trenchcoat (6 Gem/12000 Cruz)

Episode 14


Hug him one last time.
Leave without looking back.

Once you finish Episode 14, you will, be brought to a screen to choose the Happy or Normal Ending. Click through whatever ending you choose to see the requirements for the Regular and Secret versions of those ending.

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