Walkthrough – Be My Princess Party – Roberto Button

by Vehura
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  • Normal End – < 100 Chemistry
  • Secret Normal End – <100 Chemistry & 72000 Royal Factors
  • Happy End – 100 Chemistry
  • Secret Happy End – 100 Chemistry & 72000 Royal Factors

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Episode 1

When in Rome…
Refuse to let the prince carry it.

I think you should go back.
Why do you want to leave?

Episode 2

Tell him to stop.
Hurry across

Gently let him down
Refuse him flat out.

Mission – 3000 Royal Factors

Episode 3

Just one more.
We really should go.

Say you’ll come to his room later.
Let him in.

Episode 4

…like sweets?
… dislike sweets?

The moon sure is pretty tonight.
Your hair is naturally curly?

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Lavendar Party Dress Set (3 Gems)
Normal Route: Purple Ribbon with Flowers (1 Gem/2000 Cruz)

Episode 5

Talk about the silk shirt.
Talk about Alberto.

Try to play it off by being vague.
Admit that you had it put away.

Episode 6

Decline because it’s so late.
Have some because you want it.

Tell them a bit more about him.
Say it is a business relationship.

Episode 7

Do what Roberto wants.
Do what Alberto wants.

Not at all!
Thank you very much.

Mission – 24000 Royal Factors

Episode 8

Tell him not to touch it.
Grab it before he can.

Hide the photo with your hand.
Don’t try to hide the photo.

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Purple Sundress Set (6 Gems)
Normal Route: Straw Hat with Flowers (3 Gem/6000 Cruz)

Episode 9

Go along it.
Turn him down.

Say “I knew that!”
Say nothing.

Episode 10

Well, it is a contest after all.
It’s nothing to be jealous about.

I really didn’t.

Mission – 43000 Royal Factors

Episode 11

Took a piece, pretending not to hear.
Asked him, “Really?”

Keep holding hands.
Let go and applaud the performer.

Episode 12

Mention the interviewer.
Just thank him.

Try asking.
Pretend you didn’t notice.

Mission –
Sweet Route:
 Celebrity Style Set (10 Gems)
Normal Route: Simple Black Mini-Dress (6 Gem/12000 Cruz)

Episode 13

Ask him why he did it.
Don’t ask him about it.

Be happy.
I’m going.

Episode 14

Make a joke.
Answer seriously.

I’m sorry.
You knew?

Once you finish Episode 14, you will, be brought to a screen to choose the Happy or Normal Ending. Click through whatever ending you choose to see the requirements for the Regular and Secret versions of those ending.

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