Walkthrough – Birushana – Benkei Musashibo

by Vehura
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Benkei, previously a monk at Mount Hiei who was expelled, is kind, gentle, and good-natured.

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Note: At this time, I only have a guide for Happy End. If you wish for me to add in Bad Ends, please comment on this post.

You really wish to restore the Genji?

There’s got to be a way out of this…

I can’t live up to the Genji name…

I don’t want a war with the Heike.

Great, thanks.

I’m sorry…but I have to go see her…

Why must I bear the name of Genji

That’s none of your business!

If you want to know for sure, fight me!

Having a vassal is too much for me…

I can’t cause trouble for Kurama.

I’d like to believe it’s fate too.

You…don’t look like you’ve slept a wink.

You must have been very lonely…

Thanks for taking care of me today.

It’s all thanks to you!

I was just being naive…

I had a feeling you’d say that.

Can you make it, Benkei?

I need Benkei to support me.

You didn’t have to do it alone.

I’ll be fine as long as you’re with me.

As my vassal or…

After completing Shugen’s story, the If Ending for Tadanobu Sato unlocks in the title screen flowchart.

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