Walkthrough – Birushana – Noritsune Taira

by Vehura
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Noritsune, nephew of Kiyomori Taira, holds nothing but contempt for what the Heike have become.

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Silently watch the samurai

I have no choice. I have to accept…

As a Genji, I must talk with him.

I don’t fear the Heike.

Great, thanks.

I don’t care about my mother.

We’re stronger together.

You don’t need to apologize.

I can’t allow this to happen.

What happened to the Heike?

I hope it’s a fate I can bear…

I suppose I should thank you.

I’m not sure, even now…

You’re out of your mind.

I’m weak when it comes to my mother.

I want you to live.

Can’t say I’m surprised…

I was hoping I’d find you here…

You can’t say things like that…

What is it, Noritsune?

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