Walkthrough – Birushana – Tomomori Taira

by Vehura
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Tomotori, graceful in both words and appearances, is a fierce warrior and a superb general.

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Note: At this time, I only have a guide for Happy End. If you wish for me to add in Bad Ends, please comment on this post.

Tell me about this plan…

There’s got to be a way out of this…

Just what do you mean by that?

But the Heike aren’t afraid of me!

Great, thanks.

I don’t care about my mother.

Let’s split up.

Guess I’ll have to fight to find out./If you want to know for sure, fight me!

I am who I am!

Shut your mouth!

You should think more seriously…

I can’t cause trouble for Kurama.

Well, I don’t believe in fate.

I’ll face him down.

No point in thinking about it now.

Is Tomomori himself trapped by fate…?

I underestimated Tomomori 

I glared back at him…

I’ve known him forever!

After completing Shugen’s story, the If Ending for Taira Shigehira unlocks in the title screen flowchart.

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