Walkthrough – Bustafellows – Limbo

by Vehura
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Although nicknamed the “crooked lawyer,” Limbo is extremely skilled and is popular in the city

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(If you have already played Scarecrow or Shu, load the common save to skip the first chapter)

Chapter 1 – A Few Hours Earlier

About this city’s entertainment
It was a shoehorn
(This is a trick question, allow this choice to time out)
I thought you were kind of annoying
Honestly, I need the money

Chapter 2 – The Gunshot

(If this is your first route in the game, save at the beginning of Chapter 2 as the choices in Chapter 1 are good for Scarecrow and Shu)
Just quit smoking
(Allow this choice to time out)
You all get along, huh?
Test Answers: (1) Yes (2-8) No (9-10) Yes
(Allow this choice to time out)
Let’s play for it
Rub the coin’s outer rim with my index finger

Chapter 3 – No Trespassing

I hope I can meet her
Let me take a puff
NOTE: The cat will answer to Max, you have the highest affection with Limbo.

Chapter 4 – Not Guilty Plea

This chapter has no choices

LIMBO side: A – No-one’s Side

Let’s not
I don’t want to hear it
You should listen to Valerie
Don’t break up the fight
Stay silent
Hold his hand
Don’t switch the glasses
SAVE when you enter the bathroom for BAD END (B)
I won’t die, no matter what

LIMBO side: B – Greasy Chicken

This chapter has no choices


Start a New Game from LIMBO side A
Looks like fun
Tell me.
I understand how you feel, Limbo
Break up the fight
Speak to him
Watch on silently
I’m against it.


Load Save 1
Cast my life away from Limbo

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