Walkthrough – Bustafellows – Scarecrow

by Vehura
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Scarecrow is a cyber-geek and a computer hacker who is internet famous for several reasons

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(If you have already played Limbo or Shu, load the common save to skip the first chapter)

Chapter 1 – A Few Hours Earlier

About this city’s entertainment
It was a shoehorn
(This is a trick question, allow this choice to time out)
I thought you were kind of annoying
Honestly, I need the money

Chapter 2 – The Gunshot

(If this is your first route in the game, save at the beginning of Chapter 2 as the choices in Chapter 1 are good for Limbo and Shu)
There’s a smoke corner over there
(Allow this choice to time out)
You’re sweet.
Test Answers: (1-2) No (3-10) Yes
(Allow this choice to time out)
Give up and run out of the motel

Chapter 3 – No Trespassing

I hope you find her soon
Thanks, but no thanks
NOTE: The cat will answer to Ginger, you have the highest affection with Scarecrow.

Chapter 4 – Not Guilty Plea

This chapter has no choices

SCARECROW side: A – Sweet and Low

Thank you.
Come here.
SAVE when you leave the bar for BAD END
Ask what the numbers mean

SCARECROW side: B – Boyfriend

This chapter has no choices


Stop Scarecrow