Walkthrough – Bustafellows – Shu

by Vehura

Shu is heavy smoker who makes his living as a bounty hunter eliminating other hitmen.

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(If you have already played Limbo or Scarecrow, load the common save to skip the first chapter)

Chapter 1 – A Few Hours Earlier

About this city’s crimes
It was a shoehorn
(This is a trick question, allow this choice to time out)
I thought you were kind of annoying
Honestly, I need the money

Chapter 2 – The Gunshot

(If this is your first route in the game, save at the beginning of Chapter 2 as the choices before are good for Limbo and Scarecrow. This save can also be used to help you complete a Memorabilia, see below)

Just quit smoking
(Allow this choice to time out)
You all get along, huh?
Test Answers: (1-4) No (5) Yes (6-10) No
(Allow this choice to time out)
Let’s play for it
Rub the coin’s outer rim with my index finger

Chapter 3 – No Trespassing

I hope you find her soon
Let me take a puff
NOTE: The cat will answer to Cat, you have the highest affection with Shu.

Chapter 4 – Not Guilty Plea

This chapter has no choices

SHU side: A – The Yellow Rose of Texas

I want to try to understand
I mean, they’re your family
Call Shu
It is related
SAVE after you are shown the livefeed for BAD END
Do nothing
The way you asked that isn’t fair.

SHU side: B – Snowman

This chapter has no choices


Unbind the zip tie

Memorabilia Extra

Start of Chapter 2 (or load your save) and pick “There’s a smoke corner over there” from the first choice. Follow the choices all the way to getting into Shu’s route and to the scene at the poolside. You will then be awarded the memorabilia.


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Risa August 26, 2021 - 8:41 pm

Hi. I tried using your guide for Shu’s route but instead of getting his route, I got Scarecrow instead. Just letting you know. 🙂

Vehura August 27, 2021 - 10:33 am

I don’t know how you managed to get into Scarecrow’s route. :/ The only place where you get some Scarecrow affection in the questionnaire, but even then, it’s 1 to Shu’s 4.
However, just to be sure, I ran through the walkthrough again. I even made the one choice in Scarecrow’s walkthrough that is different from Shu’s and then continued with Shu’s for Chapter 2 because I say you can do that. I still get Shu.

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