Walkthrough – Cafe Ma Cherie –  Ryo Kiryu

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Chapter 1

Be defiant
Be unforthcoming
Be good-natured (about it) (Incorrect)

Chapter 2

Complain about the time
Say thank you for the pancakes (Correct)
Comment about the pancakces

Chapter 3

Agree to the idea (Correct)
Ask Ryo
Think about it

Chapter 4

Ignore his request
Feed him. (Correct)
Pass him the plate

Chapter 5

Tell him I’m sorry.
Keep quiet.
Tell him thank you. (Correct)

Chapter 6

Please don’t tease me (Correct)
I’m not yours
Don’t say anything

Chapter 7

Stare at him
Pull your hand away
Close your eyes (Correct)

Chapter 8

Ask why (Correct)
Stay silent

Chapter 9

Ryo’s view on love (Correct)
Ryo’s ex-girlfriend
About Ryo was like in the past

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