Walkthrough – Cafe Ma Cherie – Souta Shinohara


Chapter 1

Ask what everybody else likes.
Choose the strawberry pancake. (Correct)
Don’t choose anything.

Chapter 2

Apologize again.
Defend Souta.
Get angry. (Correct)

Chapter 3

Give him it back. (Correct)
Hide the student ID card.
Dodge the questions

Chapter 4

…I turn him down.
…I think it over.
…I run away. (Correct)

Chapter 5

It bothers me.
It doesn’t bother me. X
I don’t know.
(I was dumb and didn’t screen shot these. So, not the exact wording…

Chapter 6

Reveal I’m a woman.
Avoid the question (Correct)

Chapter 7

Sit next to him. (Correct)
Poke fun at him.
Press him.

Chapter 8

Tell him honestly
Lie to him (Correct)
Keep silent

Chapter 9

Tell him my type of girl.
I don’t have anything to say. (Correct)
Answer that refers to him.

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