Walkthrough – Destiny Ninja 2 – Kaito Season 2

by Vehura
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Kaito, the currently the chieftain of the Summer Village and talented ninja who wields fire skills, is concerned that he has not yet found the dragon god.


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Chapter 1

Part 2

“I still have a lot of work to do.”
“Do you think?”
“Thank you.” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 7 –Ayakashi Battle Need 500 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 7

“You’ll soon find the dragon god.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Don’t push yourself too hard.”
“You’ve searched this hard yet haven’t found a single clue.”

Chapter 2

Part 6

Get exasperated with the rest.
Laugh because it sounds like what Kaito would do. (+7 Intimacy)

Partn 8

“How long would it be?”
“I can’t wait any longer.”
“I’ll wait.” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 9 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room]Tassel Bracelet w/ Gemstone (+60 Charm) – 1000 Zeni

Chapter 3

Part 4

“Not really.”
“Now that you mention it …”
“Of course.” (+7 Intimacy)

Part 6 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room] Summery Cloth Sandals (+70 Charm) – 150 Coins
Normal: [Room] Dangle Teardrop Earrings (+60 Charm) – 2000 Zeni

Part 8

Get in front of Kaito.
Support Kaito.
Cooperate with Kaito. (+7 Intimacy)

Chapter 4

Part 2

“We can have the ceremony anytime.” (+7 Intimacy)
“I hope it won’t affect the ceremony.”
“I’ll solve it before the ceremony.”

Part 6

Call out to Shiroya.
Call out to Kaito. (+7 Intimacy)
Observe the Ayakashi.

Part 8 – Love Choice
Premium: [Garden] Kimono Relax Wear (+110 Charm) – 350 Coins
Normal: [Room] Lace Babydoll (+100 Charm) – 3000 Zeni

Chapter 5

Part 4

“Is he training a lot?”
“That’s typical of Kaito.” (+7 Intimacy)
“I wanted him to at least pick me up.”

Part 8 – Ayakashi Battle Need 5500 Ninja Skill to continue

Part 9

“I want to stay with you.” (+7 Intimacy)
“Thank you.”
“But that’s the only way.”

Chapter 6

Part 1

Be worried.
Be relieved. (+7 Intimacy)
Have doubts.

Part 4

Laugh and say that he is exaggerating.
Tell him of course. (+7 Intimacy)
Be worried about Shiroya.

Part 9 – Ayakashi Battle Need 9000 Ninja Skill to continue

Chapter 7

Part 1

“What’s wrong …?”
“You’re not Kaito.” (+7 Intimacy)
“I’m glad you’re safe.”

Part 5

Ignore the pain and get up. (+7 Intimacy)
Tell everyone to stay away.
Stare at Kaito in shock.

Part 7 – Love Choice
Premium: [Room] His Kiss (Season 2) (+100 Charm) – 700 Coins
Normal: [Garden] Stuffed Bahamut (+80 Charm) – 6000 Zeni

Chapter 8

Part 2

“Will you help?”
“Let me fight a little more.”
Stop everyone. (+7 Intimacy)

Part 5

Keep on attacking. (+7 Intimacy)
Stop attacking.
Hesitate while deciding to attack or not.

Part 8 – Love Choice
Premium: [
Garden] Sunflower Field (Background) (+150 Charm) – 1000 Coins
Normal: [Room] Ninja Armor (Kaito Season 2) (+120 Charm) – 12000 Zeni

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